01.28.15: Kanikapila at UFO HQ this friday . . .

Aloha All,
It’s the 5th Friday of the month, which means we’ll be at UFOhana HQ this Friday. Run time is 7:00pm till whenever . . . BYKaukau (Bring something for Pot luck – like a main dish or healthy Salad), BYGear (We’re probably good for chairs and music stands but remember Murphy’s 5th law – bring it so you won’t need it), BYOBeverage and always BYAloha to share with your ‘Ohana. Email me at Kaleikoa@piko.ws if you need an address / directions to UFOHQ.

Here are the collage links to photos of last week’s Kanikapila at the Elks . . .

1-012315 Elks Kanikapila

Click the collage below for the Sleeping Lady Album for last Saturday . . .

1-012415 Sleeping Lady Kanikapila

Btw, on February 28, we’ll be holding the first (hopefully to become a monthly) UFOhana Kanikapila at the Plaza Bistro in Sonoma. Here’s a link to their website: http://theplazabistro.com/ . Run time will be same as Sleeping Lady, 2pm – 4pm. Please do pass this onto your friends / Ohana up North and encourage them to come join us.  For those of you who can make it that far up North, there should be someone at the Sleeping Lady running the Kani in my absence. Below is a panoramic of the room we’ll be holding the event in. Btw, did I mention they have great food there too?


Once again, mahalo nui loa to all the well wishes and get well soons you folks have been passing onto Nohea and myself. This cold / flu is a stickler but nothing a exercising the lungs by attending a good Kanikapila!

Blended harmonies,
Synchronicity of dance,

Aloha A Hui Hou ka kou!


012115: we’re at the elks this Friday

Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana! Sorry for the late posting all, feeling just a little under the weather but I think I’ll survive.

We’re congregating that the Elks this Friday. Usual runtime time 7pm – 10pm. A dinner will be provided by the Elks for a nominal fee. BYOGear, BYOKaukau. and of course BYAloha to share with everyone. Mahalo to the Elkders for once again hosting the UFOhana.

Mahalo Nui Loa once again to all of you for participating in the Black and White Night at the Elks 2 Fridays prior. We’re so sorry we couldn’t make that one. So much so that we decided to have a White and Black night at UFOHQ. Click the collage below to link to the great photos from that night . . .

1-W&B Night at UFO HQ

Click below for Sleeping Lady images . . . . Welcome back to Bethany!

1-011715 Sleeping Lady Kanikapila

Clouds cling to the earth,
Children of the sky embrace,
Kissed by morning light . . .

Ok, time for another round of cough medicine.

Take Care Everyone, Stay Well,