071415: Kanikapila at UFOHQ this and next fridays


Aloha UFOhana Pilots,
It’s  looooong week and we’re on our way to yet another Kanikapila Friday. Which we’ll be holding at the UFO HQ this and next week Friday. We’re going to start this one a little earlier this time, 7pm instead of 7:30pm, same end time as usual . . . till the last strummer falls. BY’aina ahiahi (Dinner/Potluck, something sort of healthy), BYGear (music stands and maybe chairs) and of course BYAloha.

Saturday, we’ll be back at Pancho Villa’s. Usual start time of 2pm but we may end a littler early, 3:30p because of commitments that afternoon.  Mahalo to Kelly and the PV Crew for hosting us once again.

Below are images from last week’s Kanikapilas, click on the collages to access online albums. Mahalo Elks for another great Friday night!

Elks Images, Mahalo Donna for the images . . .

1-071015 Elks Kanikapila

Pancho Villa Images, Mahalo Linda for the pictures . . .

1-071115 Pancho Villa's Kanikapila

See you folks Friday!

Evening falls gently,
Sky blushes pink and orange,
Winds laps on the tide.


“Bachelorette’s on tonight . . . meow”


071015: We’re @ Pancho Villa’s This Saturday


Aloha All,

Just got the ok from Kelly. So spread the word and invite your friends! She is however asking that all dancers keep footwear on. i.e. no BARE FEET. I’m guessing Rubba Slippas are ok.  Also, please remember to NOT use her parking lot. Mahalo to Kelly for hosting us once again.

See you folks tonight at the Elks.

A Hui Hou,