070812: We’re @ Da Elks this Friday & the 31st


Aloha All,

Got the schedule from Joe Tato for our Elks Kanikapila this week and for the 31st. Same run times 7p – 10p. Please make note of the menus below and RSVP requirements. Mahalo Joe and the Elks for their continue generosity and Aloha.

July 10
Casual Dinner (Buffet) $12
No RSVP required
Ukes in the Bar
Pork Adobo
Shoyu Chicken

July 31st
Elk Fancy Dinner 6:45PM (served) $20 pp,
RSVPs required by Wednesday 29th
Grilled Pork Chops or Fish
Grilled Summer Veggies
Saffron Rice
Garden Salad

I also want to thank all of you that participated in the County Fair UFOhana Abduction this year. It was our biggest away team yet! Over 55 Ukulele Pilots Strumming on stage and in the audience and that was just counting the ones I recognized. There were even more unknown pilots in the audience that I didn’t recognize. Mahalo Nui to Betty Ann Bruno and the Hula Mai Babes for their wonderful Koke’e and to Auntie Ku’uipo for her “Lovely Hula Hands”. Mahalo Dena for bringing Auntie up from San Diego to be with us. Mahalo Marion for making possible the honor of performing at the County Fair. Please thank Steve and Jack, the sound engineers, for taking such good care of us. Mahalo Donna, Linda and all that donated these wonderful photos (click collage to access photo album).

2015-07-05 UFOs At Marin County Fair

So before all this funning around, we were at Pancho Villa’s doing our own 4th of July Fiesta . . . Mahalo Nui Loa to Kelly Medina and her crew for hosting us once again. Thanks to all of you that heeded her request not to park in her lot and helped support Pancho Villa.


. . . and before that we started all this at the Campbell Hall in Sausalito! Mahalo Chip and Linda for hosting us and starting this weekend long Ukulele Binge!


And so here we are, approaching the end of another week . . . inhale deeply, hold,  and breeeeeeath  . . .  aaaaaaaahhhhh . . . .

Surge of melodies,
Beautiful blend of music,
Sweetened by Hula .


           r-r-r-r-rowr-r-r-r-r- baby


070715: liko martin aLERT!


Aloha UFOhana,
Just a reminder of the Liko Martin event I mention at our Kanikapila last week. See below for details:
Moon LIKO Poster -01

Btw,  we’re at the Elks this Friday. Usual run time of 7-10pm. Dinner available from the Elks for $12. More details later . . . See you there!