062120: Vanikapila 26.21


Aloha UFOhana,

Another eventful, hot, weekend. We hope you’ve all been staying hydrated and (relatively) cool out there.

A big mahalo to our intrepid OK-ers (Outdoor Kanikapila-ers) that participated this past weekend given the Hot Weather and all. Mahalo Nui to Pauline and Crew that helped with setup and teardown as well.

Click the collage below for Images and Videos from last week. Don’t forget to text me at 415-300-7804 so we have an idea of how many chairs to put out.

Remember that if you’re Livestreaming with us to text Nohea (Linda) at 415-572-1175 if you can’t get through YouTube chat for song requests or comments.

Hope all you Father’s out there had a great Father’s Day. Which also happened to be the longest day of the year. I know they were enjoying the extra sun in Hawaii. Check out the photo from David Haye’s last trip to Hawaii yourself!

UFOhana and OK-ers say Aloha Oe to the last longest day of the year. Mahalo David for the great sunset shot!

Btw, we’re back on track for 2nd Friday’s at the Elks. Next one up is on July 9th, 5-9pm on the Magnolia Terrace. Joe’s cooking Filipino!

I checked the lodge calendar and it does show we’re on for July 9th, but we’re not listed under their “Upcoming Events” page so there’s no way to RSVP for dinner. You may want to just call the lodge at 415-453-1108 or email secretary@elks1108.org.

Another exciting announcement, for those of you who didn’t hear last week. We’ve been invited back to Gnoss Field’s Christmas 2021 Party! They haven’t come up with the time and day just yet but it may be close to previous time from 2 years ago on 12.07.19. Let’s hope that Amelia Earhart and Captain Noonan makes a repeat showing!

. . .a ship out on the ocean, sees a spec up in the sky . . .
. . . Amelia Earhart flying by that day . . .

But I digress, I’ll keep you folks posted via our “Events Calendar” which I’ll be resurrecting shortly.

Speaking of resurrecting, check out the Elvis Pinkerton Show below . . .

. . . are you lonesome tonight? Well, maybe not that lonesome . . .

Below, the link to this week’s Vanikapila 26.21.

Click above to join us virtually on Saturday.

Check out the following, who says the toy makers don’t have Cultural Intelligence?

Yet Another Weird Artifact found on the Internet.

He’s actually wearing the same shirt I have! A traditional Barong Tagalog. I think I wore that to one of our Elks Kanikapilas? A little more see through than mine but when you’re built like Pilipino Ken you got’s ta flaunt it! Ay sus!


the late hours of day,
become early hours of night,
we reflect inwards.

Aloha A Hui Hou!



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