081420: Red Rose Cafe Update


Aloha UFOhana,

I was going through the two new songs tonight and found out that our version of Red Rose Cafe was all kapa.kahi (messed up). I discovered the problem when I managed to change the key of The Red Rose Cafe to match our song sheet and tried playing along. I’ve made the corrections to the sheet and zipped up the matching MP3 so you can play along with it. The only difference is that at the end of the song, on third time through the Chorus they modulate to G#. I think we’ll just stay in G instead.

Click here to download The corrected Red Rose Cafe song sheet and MP3. Please print and tape over the song located in Book 2 Page 235.

Mahalo David Hayes for (re)introducing the Red Rose to us!

If you need the link for this Saturday’s Vanikapila, click here to view the previous Vanikapila #18 Rev 2 Post.

Spok-U-Bom-Bye (C U L8tr)!



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  1. Thanks from Phil (I still play my 1948 Martin uke) Hudner of Kentfield, old (very old) son-in-law of Dick Cooke of Molokai.


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