072720: Vanikapila Umi kūmāono (#16)


Hui UFOhana, Pahea ‘Oe?

How are you doing UFOhana?

I hope you’re all doing well out there. I know last week was a very emotional one for those of you that participated in our “Day In The Life Of . . . ” event. I know that all the while we were singing each of us were silently grieving for Marion.

There were moments I could feel a tinge of sadness, but at the same time, much Aloha in the singing of Marion’s favorite songs. I’m pretty sure she heard us all singing to her, especially this UFOhana keiki below, Madison . . .

Madison’s Video and Remembering Marion Album also available here.

I know I speak for everyone in our ‘Ohana when I say, that we cannot say Mahalo nui loa enough to Wikio (Wally) for all his kokua (assistance) and his alakaʻina (guidance) through the “Day In the Life . . . ” project. For making us all look and sound so good and for portraying the UFOhana ʻuhane (spirit, soul) in his storytelling videos, like the one above and the one to come.

Mahalo Nui to the OKMs (Outdoor Kanikapila Menehunes) who setup and tear down the shade canopies and hula floor (every Saturday) and leave only fond memories at the end of the day. To my beloved Nohea for all the support she has provided through this experiment we call life. To Kluki (Pauline) and Konala (Don) for donating the hula flooring material, giving our dancers a safe place to share their hulas and of course, to all of you that participated on our special day. Let’s keep hoping that our entry is selected. But even if it’s not, I will forever treasure it as very special legacy of our 20th Year Anniversary to pass onto to future UFOhanas.

As reminder, if you are participating in the “Day in the Life”, I hope you’ve already submitted your videos to Wikio. But please be sure to get your Appearance Release Forms into me ASAP. Without those forms we will not be able to use your videos in our final rendering. Mahalo. Click here to download a copy of the Release Form.

Below, the link to this coming Saturday Vanikapila . . .

I’d like to thank Mike Axelrod for generously offering to sponsor a Catered Memorial BBQ for Marion. However, Nohea and I feel it may still be a little too early for the UFOhana to gather en masse. Mike has offered to give us a Rain Check for a later date. Mahalo Nui Loa Mike!

Click below to view images from last week’s Elks Friday Fundraiser & Saturday’s Day In The Life Kanikapila.


from a small frail bud,
her love blooms into our lives,
bound by earth no more.

Please continue to send your Alohas to Sandy and Marion’s family. They will need our kokua to help them through their journey of healing.

Malama Pono each other . . .

Me ke Aloha Pumehana,


Is this the selfie button? Push this one? Huh?


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  1. Del and Linda,
    I would like to share any and all expenses for any tribute for Marion. Whatever is needed or desired I will pay for it.

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