072020: Day In The Life Vanikapila #15 (Revised, again)



Aloha UFOhana,

We’re on Vanikapila #15 this week and this is a special one. As I mentioned last week, July 25th is a call for entries in the “A Day In the Life Of…” from YouTube. We’ve been invited to submit a video and Wally has graciously offered to assist with our submission.

For those of your who will be recording your Vanikapila performances on the 25th (remember it’s a Day in the life on the 25th, not 24th, not 26th), here are the guidelines from last week’s post:

  1. Your videos need to be good! Good framing that shows a computer and/or display screen in the shot along with you (and any others) as you play and sing. You should use a tripod to ensure a stable, shake-free, recording. You must record the entire mele (Somewhere over the Rainbow Medley). This is to ensure that we’re all playing in time.
  2. We will be playing the Medley twice at the beginning of the session and maybe a 3rd time at the end of the Vanikapila.
  3. Please be enthusiastic! While performing, smile (Marion told me we needed more of this!), sing out, and really play, etc., no deadhead strumming, the more enthusiastic the better. Try thinking of someone special and sing for that someone. Don’t forget to look up at your camera (Marion said this too, acknowledge your audience)!
  4. Wear bright Aloha Attire (if you have them).
  5. Your audio quality has to be good as possible. Don’t block the microphone on your recording device. Considering using an external microphone if you have one.
  6. Deadline for submissions is the 31st. So we have to complete the video before then. Please send your videos/links directly to Wally at wmurray.video@gmail.com as soon as possible!
  7. If you can’t make it LIVE to view our LIVE STREAM. Considering playing along with the recording on the 25th and send that along to Wally (see above). As long as you make the recording on the 25th it can be considering “in bounds” for the DAY IN THE LIFE OF JULY 25TH. Just click the link below to access the recorded version of the Live Stream. It may take a couple of hours to become available, but it should be there before end of day on the 25th.
  8. For those of you attending our Outdoor Kanikapila on the 25th, no worries. Wally will be recording you himself. All you need to do is pay attention to items number 3 and 4 above!

Here’s the link for Vanikapila #15.

Click above to connect to the LiveStream on Saturday.

Ok, I that’s it for the Day in the Life of the UFOhana thing.

Please take note of the following from Joe Tato . . .

Tired of having to make dinner each night!
Let the Elks kitchen crew whisk you away for a picnic on the beach.

Pre-order your  Grab n Go Dinner $18
Send your reservations to secretary@elks1108.org
This Friday, 6-8PM Pick-up
Pull up to the side of the lodge and we’ll deliver it to you.

Island Combo Plate Dinner
-Spanish Pork Adobo and Huli Huli Chicken
  Rice and Salad
  Macadamia White Chocolate Cookies


Stay for a MaiTai, enjoy your dinner while being entertained by our Ukulele Band (guess who) on the Magnolia terrace.   Once again reservations are required so we can maintain safe social distancing on the terrace.     

Mask required.

I’m sure many of you remember the first four legged member of our ‘Ohana, Max the Dog and Max’s Masters Scott Tom (below) and Scott’s Mom, Kathleen Jang.

Well Max isn’t doing to well and needs our help. Please read Scott’s email below.

Dear Uncle Del,
We wanted to inform you that Max isn’t doing well right now. He is suffering from major burn wounds on his belly, back, paws, ears and tail. His corneas melted also. He walked into a hot campfire pit and fell on his back trying to climb out. Someone threw bacon grease in. You know how he was always looking for food. Now he is not interested in food and has to be syringe fed.  Every day he needs to be sedated and have the dead skin debrided.  It’s painful for him, but he is a trooper. We know he was popular at Kanikapila and wanted to ask if you could share the gofundme page we have started to help pay for the expensive medical costs.
I graduated from college this year and am back from Southern CA.  I hope Max gets well to come visit you all at Kanikapila.

Please donate whatever you can to help our poor Max. Mahalo Nui Loa.

Best of Luck Max! We hope to see you, Scott and Kathleen sometime soon.

Below, images from last week’s Vanikapila/Outdoor Kanikapila.

Click above for online album.


moving in silence,
slowly it washes away,
leaving only dust.

Malama Pono Kakou!


Hi’ilawe . . . simpler times . . .


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    1. Spelling? Actually here what I found on Google:

      The base of Mexican adobo uses the traditional Spanish spices but adds indigenous ingredients to the mix: tomatoes and chilies. Thus, Mexican adobo is a fusion of indigenous and colonial influences. Filipino Adobo refers to a whole dish. In fact, it is basically the national dish of the Philippines.

  1. Dell….didn’t know how to get a hold of you. Not sure if you heard…Marion Boyd lost her battle with cancer. I know she was a part of your ohana uke and hula group.

    1. Thank you Francie. We were very close and was with her during her last days with us. You may not have noticed all the postings prior to this one of her Memorial Photo site and my announcement of her passing.

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