071420: Vanikapila ʻUmi kūmāhā (#14)


Aloha UFOhana,

Another week of COVID isolation behind us and another one ahead. I hope you’ve all been keeping healthy and safe out there, both physically and mentally.

For me, this little break we call our Vanikapila, has been very good in keeping my sanity from both work and the challenges of day to day in the ʻano mau ʻano hou (New Normal). Anybody starting to feel like that guy in the Old Sci Fi movie “Omega Man?” I think Will Smith rebooted that one as “I Am Legend.” I bet if they had Uke’s they would have fared much better.

Anyway, on behalf of Nohea and myself, a very big thank you very much/mahalo nui loa/muchas gracias/maraming salamat/arigato gozai mashita and a . . .

Tanx Eh!

. . . to all the generous donors and those who physically assisted with making our last Outdoor Kanikapila and our Vanikapila a safe and enjoyable event. We really appreciate the support and assistance you’ve given during these uncertain times, it really does take an ‘Ohana (and a Ku’uipo like Nohea)!

A Day in the Life of the UFOhana!

I had mentioned at last week’s Vanikapila that I’ve been invited to send a video for consideration for YouTube’s “A Day In the Life (of the world)” for July 25th, 2020. Since that fell on a Saturday I was thinking of highlighting our Vanikapila in the video with our signature song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Wonderful World” medley by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

Here’s the invite from YouTube:


Wikio (Wally) will be assisting us with his storytelling and video crafting expertise. Mahalo Nui Wikio!

Here’s what we were thinking of submitting:

Start with a Master shot of UFOSqL leading the kanikapila in playing ‘somewhere’. Shots of at least ten to twenty people watching you on their computers and playing along simultaneous to the master shot. Master shot would then be intercut with the other shots to give the effect of a continuous play and play along. You would set this up in advance and ask people to put their iPhones on tripods or steadily handheld to record them playing ‘somewhere’ when you gave them the cue. They then would dropbox (or Google Drive) the resulting video files to you for editing. The end result would be the Master shot in the middle of the frame surrounded by smaller frames of the UFOers playing along in sync.

For those of you interesting in participating please take note of Wikio’s requirements below.

  1. Promotion: this project will be successful if we can get everyone in Vanikapila to participate by making their videos and sending the video files to Del as soon as possible after recording on the 25th … we need your support!
  2. Your videos need to be good! Good framing that shows a computer and/or display screen in the shot along with you (and any others) as you play and sing. You should use a tripod to ensure a stable recording. You must to record the entire mele (song).
  3. Be enthusiastic! Perform while smiling, singing, really playing, etc., no dead head strumming the more enthusiastic the better. Wear bright Aloha Attire (if you have them).
  4. Your audio quality has to be good. Considering using an external microphone if you have one.

So there you have it. The deadline for submissions is July 31st so please get you videos in ASAP to me as Wikio will need time to edit them as well. I will announce in a later post a location to upload them to.

Last year they had over 80,000 submissions and ended up with a 90 minute video. Competition is tough, but consider that even if we don’t get selected, we will have a very special video that we can post to the Public on YouTube. As they say, if you want something to last forever, post it on the Internet! What better way to contribute to the Ukulele Community than this video on the year of our 20th Anniversary.

Ok, so start practicing for the 25th and get those videos to me asap! Back to our regular programming . . .

Below, the link to Vanikapila #14. Remember we’ve moved the time to 11AM – 1PM. Much better, shade wise, for those of us who are melanin challenged. Plus you’ve got the rest of the day to bask in the glow of the Vanikapila.

If you can’t make the time, the video is available for later viewing by clicking the link in this posting, as are videos from previous postings.

Next up, images from Vanikapila #13.

Click above to view online photo album.

Again, if you’re interested in attending our Outdoor Kanikapila this Saturday, text me at 415-300-7804 to RSVP. Remember space is limited so don’t dawdle, if you are attending you must wear a mask.

If you need one Nohea has a wide variety available for $10 each.

It’s that time of the night. When the fingers start to type on their aisdfasf a askdjf;ajf . . . own, so I’m getting ready to end the day . . .


a reason to be,
a question to why we must,
a silent response.

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Happy.

Malama Pono, Aloha A Hui Hou!


Normally I prefer the NY Times, SF Gate will do in a pinch.


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