061720: Vanikapila ʻUmi (#10)


Aloha Ahi Ahi My V’Ohana,

I know we’re still living the virtual kanikapila life. But at least we’re all staying safe and healthy I hope.

Anyway, we’re on the way to our 10th Vanikapila this Saturday, link to the event is below.

You know where to click this Saturday!

Mahalo to all of you for your kind words of encouragement and for sticking with us through this learning process, we seem to be stabilized for now and more or less in the fine tuning process. For those of you having problems hearing the Bass last week, it’s probably because you are listening on a device with a Teeny little speaker (like a tablet or smartphone). These devices are not capable of reproducing the deep bass notes through those speakers. I would recommend you either hook them up to a larger speaker system or use a headphone. I listened to last week’s session and the bass sounds fine on my PC Speaker System.

Below are images of the Great Wall of PPE. The stands are normally used for Photo Backdrops and the plastic sheeting is 12 feet of mildew/mold/bacterial resistant shower curtains.

Setting up the Mega PPE Wall

Below is the finished product decorated with flowers by Nohea.

PPE Wall test run.

Below, assembling the UFOPilot’s personal PPE Walls.

Mahalo to our Donors for your contributions which enabled us to build these safety devices. We’re hoping to assemble more of these PPEs in hopes that in the future it will allow us to open up to the UFOHQ to Socially Distanced and PPE protected Kanikapilas.

Speaking of PPE. Check out Nohea’s new line of PPE fabrics. Select your favorite combo and put in your order now at 415-572-1175.

  • Ya-ello, Nohea? Ya, it’s me. I want 10 of those pretty little mermaids with chickens. Ya, that’s right, and tell Del I want my Aloha Shirt Back. Mahalo, Mahalo Nui Loa.

Click below to view last week’s Vanikapila album.


we march on endless,
questioning the right and wrong,
forever hoping . . .

Be well, be safe and be careful!

See you when you jack-in this Saturday.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


We come in cheese . . . take us to your litter . . .


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