061120: Vanikapila ʻEiwa (#9)


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

Hope you’re all enjoying a little sunshine and some safe social interaction during this stage of the quarantine. Please be very aware, use PPE, and practice safe “Social Bubbling” (as some have called it).

We’re heading in our Virtual Kanikapila #9 this week. Below, the link to Saturday’s Vanikapila.

See you this Saturday!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve actually been doing this for nine weeks now. We definitely could not have done it without your support and generous donations. Which we used to improve our studio equipment and PPE for our studio musicians.

On behalf of Nohea and myself, Mahalo nui loa to you and to our Studio Band for keeping Kanikapila alive for our UFOhana.

Speaking of PPE, for those of you need check out the selection below, custom made by our very own Nohea . . . horns not included.

Call Nohea at 415-572-1175 for orders.

Since we’re on the topic of PPEs. Check out the novel shield below, made from the clear cover sheet from a Poster Frame. Yes, that’s our very own Lois.

We were thinking, since we put so much work into the Vanikapilas, that we should keep the Live Stream going even after C19 blows over for our UFO Pilots not able to physically attend our Friday and Saturday events.

Please take note of the message below from Tucker . . .

We get by with a little help from our friends 

To my friends,

During these troubled times,

If you’re young at heart and believe in Santa Claus, reindeer, elves and toys for good girls and boys – and lumps of coals for those who aren’t. I’ve acquired enough coal over the years to keep a small city toasty for a century.    So. . .

A while back I was strumming Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and I thought ‘What if Santa couldn’t come to town? What if Santa disappeared and couldn’t deliver toys on Christmas Eve?’ And what if three elves who didn’t really believe in boys and girls ended up traveling the world and saving Christmas. I wrote the children’s book and screenplay “Twinkle, Twister and Starlight Save Christmas.”  

I have a dream that someone at Netflix, HBO or Pixar etc. . . will read the screenplay, listen to my original songs and turn “Twinkle, Twister and Starlight Save Chrismas,” into a Holiday Special rivaling ‘Charlie Brown’s Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty the Snow Man.’

If you have the time to give it a read, I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. On the home page at tucksplace.net, the screenplay for “Twinkle Twister and Starlight Save Christmas” is easily accessible. You can hear the songs by clicking the link (in VIOLET) as you read the screenplay.

thank you

EMAIL  tspoltz@gmail.com or give me a holler at

Below, Nohea catches Rocky the squirrel and new friend. Click to view photo album and video of Rocky and Friend Frolicking . . .

Click above to view online album and video.
Click above for last week’s Vanikapila album.


bright constellations,
a song sails a gentle breeze,
sky fades indigo.

Malama Pono Kakou,


Don’t be chicken about using your mask!


3 Replies to “061120: Vanikapila ʻEiwa (#9)”

  1. Wow Del! I really have been curious about the uniformed voices on your videos……!
    i love your photos showing your production. Looks like you have taken special effort and those screens are so beautiful!!!
    Hele on!

  2. Hi Del and all , I was really appreciating the Vanikapila but trying to sing on my porch like so many people trying to add some joy to neighbors, was not working for me because of traffic noise(freeway not far away!!) I was struggling to hear on my laptop the page and volume info ! I have friends join me 10 ft away to sing and play outdoors. We now play and sing from the Ohana books and others on our own. I’ll be back when rain and cold drives me back indoors. I miss your humor, Del. Thanks so much for your amazing contribution to the Ohana. Susan Scott

  3. wow. quite a setup!! thanks so much for all your efforts to keep us singing and playing and entertained. I love and appreciate you very much, and look forward to tomorrow’s cheer.

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