062520: Vanikapila ʻUmi kūmākahi (#11)


Aloha UfOhAnA,

We’re over the weekly hump and heading into Vanikapila #11 this Saturday. Same Bat Channel but NOT the same Bat Time.

I had to change the time to 12 – 2pm because of an experiment I’m trying out this Saturday. I’ve been considering opening up our backyard to a limited number of Socially Distanced Ukulele Pilots. There’s more shade in the back yard at 12 than at 2, not wanting to cook our SDUPs, I figured these would be best time. I’m also setting up a couple of 10’x10′ pop-ups for the less shadier areas.

The band would perform indoors as usual during the live stream, but we would open up the patio picture windows to the SDUPs and provide speakers so they can hear/play along with us during the session.

I already have guinea pi . . . , uh, volunteers for this Saturday and if it works out we may be able to do weekly rotations of Outdoor Kanikapila-ers. Giving everyone, who wish, a chance to participate in person.

Below is the link to this week’s Vanikapila #11. Btw, I forgot to mention that the links to the video is “unlisted” and the only to view previous sessions would be through the past postings (unless you’ve stored the link). Btw, you’re welcome to share the links with friends and family.

Don’t forget we start 12 instead of 2.

For those of you curious about Studio K’ULU PPE click below to view a short walk through of the UFOHQ setup. All made possible by your generous donations.


What you don’t see are the fans I’ve set up around the perimeter and center of the room to blow the air away from the musicians and out of the patio.

Below, images from last week’s Vanikapila.

Click above to view online album.

Again, thank you all so much for your support and donations that help the Vanikapila running and our musicians safe. Your (virtual) attendance and Aloha make this all worth the hard work that our Studio K’ULU Musicians, Nohea and myself (more) put into it. Let’s hope that the O.K. goes well for the SDUPs and we can start seeing some of you (from a safe distance) “fo’ Real Kine!”


rising from the dark,
a soft reply to the call,
caution in purpose.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


Can we go out now? I’m bored . . .
Honolulu Uke Team is a GO! Apologies and Mahalos to Bizarro Comics, just couln’t resist.


6 Replies to “062520: Vanikapila ʻUmi kūmākahi (#11)”

  1. Aloha braddah! I like make one donation…you like one Venmo? Paypal?
    Talk story…soon come!! Mahalo, NB

    1. NB!

      How you stay brudda! You still playing Ukulele? Mahalo for the donation, not sure how receiving PayPal $$$ works but I have an account under Del@TheMedinas.com. I’m really good at “sending” $$$ though! 😉


  2. Aloha ! Let me know if you need help with any set up stuff. Sign me up for one of the next ones. Hi to all

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