8 Replies to “O5O420: Happy Star Wars Day!”

  1. Del, Sandy, Linda, your broadcast was perfect on Saturday – so much fun for us. Thank you.
    Lid, Maryland

  2. awwww…so cute! Saturday I again sang on my porch for passersby. I didn’t realize I had to sign in to chat. Next time I will begin to prepare for that so I can offer an Aloha and a song request.
    Many thanks for being there.
    Susan Scott

  3. Great graphic! Big fun on Saturday! Thanks for putting that together! It’s a distant second for playing with y’all in person but I’ll take it. Mahalo!

    1. Don, Mahalo for joining in. I know about it being a distant second. But at least the chat (those that can jump on it) comments are pretty entertaining and it adds to the feeling of being connected somehow “Real Time”, albeit with 40 second delay . . . Aloha to you and Marty!

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