051420: VaniKapila elima


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

We have VK#5 coming this Saturday. Hope you’re all practicing Safe Socializing (such as it is), staying healthy and staying safe.

Mahalo Nui to all that joined in last week, I saw the Chat Room a buzz with active chatter. Especially about who was and wasn’t faking it . . . Hula that is. It was like I could almost hear all your voices! Mahalo to Sandy, Nohea and Lineke (Lynnette) for their support at Station K’ULU!

Btw, there’s an interesting meaning behind the “ulu”, part of our “TV Station” name.

Ulu: Possessed by a god; inspired by a spirit, god, ideal, person, as for artistic creation; stirred, excited; to enter in and inspire.

Yes, we are certainly possessed and inspired! Mahalo to Wikio for giving us that name and for the great Station Poster.

Here’s the other interesting definition, if you include the K in the station name.

Kulu: To drip . . . trickle; to flow, as tears;

Hmm, “to Flow?????” Hey, aren’t we “streaming” live? Isn’t that like kind of like flowing?

Anyway, I digress . . .

Click Above to View the Live Stream for this Saturday.

So last week Sunday, after an inspiring Saturday of Vanikapila, I decided to tackle the North 40 acres . . .

  • Before: about 9AM
  • Rigged for battle!
  • After: About 12pm

So that was the Front 40 acres after 12pm, the Back 40 acres I finished at about 4pm. Eye bloodied by flying debris, muscles aching, allergies flaring . . . but victorious (Que violins and trumpets)! Good for another year.

Btw, I messed up on the last Master Table of Contents for Vols 1-3 (the dangers of working late into the night with Excel) I sent out a few blogs ago.

I was hoping it would help with your Gig Book users out there and it may had the opposite effect. Anyway, click here for for what I hope is a kinder/gentler/correct copy. It is sorted by volume and then by page, which makes more sense for the GB Users out there.

Ok speaking of late night, I think I’m going to call it sleepy time (as Lucas used to say eons ago).

a silent storm comes,
together we must endure,
health is our weapon.

Malama Pono Ka Kou!


. . . remember yours . . .


2 Replies to “051420: VaniKapila elima”

  1. Aloha, Del, Sandy, Nohea, Jake,

    We are having fun, fun, fun with you on Saturday afternoons strumming and singing.
    For some reason we are getting better faster as we can hear the strumming beats more clearly so we can follow them and the playing of each song seems to be a little slower; therefore, we can get into that B flat fingering in time for the transition to the next note. Interesting.

    Our check to help cover broadcast expenses is in the mail to you.

    Request: Black Magic Woman with your solos.

    Mahalo from your No. 1 fans in Sausalito,
    Lid, Maryland

    1. Maryland, Lid,

      Mahalo nui for your kind words and contributions! We’re replacing our Bass Mic so it definitely be put to good use!

      Btw, please text Nohea at 415-572-1175 with your requests and comments as I don’t check my phone for texts during Vanikapila (and I’m very forgetful).

      Me ke Aloha,

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