031920: Shelter in Place Week 1


Aloha kakahiaka Kakou,

Still in jet lag mode so I thought I’d post this . . . (btw, this is repost as I messed up on the first posting and forgot links, photos, mahalos, and other stuffs) . . .

Here we are in our first week of SIP and Social Distancing (sounds almost like being Unfriended on Facebook). Hope you all have your supply of toilet paper well stocked. Nohea and I decided to on a little project during all this down time to keep occupied. See below.

We’re flushed with TP!

But seriously, we all know how bad this virus can be and it’s already mutated. But we also know about the methods of prevention, so please, follow the methods and keep well out there. Let’s keep hoping they develop a vaccine soon.

Nohea wanted to share her St. Patrick’s Day decorations of UFOHQ before we took it down. Click image below to view the album.


yet another change,
fate returns to remind us,
life loves irony.

I actually made it home just before they closed the doors on Hawai’i travel. Whew! The trip over was pretty uneventful otherwise.

Regarding the “031320: Self Quarantine Kanikapila” shared album. Mahalo nui to Joe for “I’ll remember you” upload and to Laura for actually Kanikapila-ing with my virtual self in Hawai’i Aloha! Clever Girl! And to Linda Green for the photos. Remember the album’s still open to anyone who wants to add something. Doesn’t have to be a performance, though you should check out Laura’s as it very clever.

Also want to send a special mahalo nui loa to Linaka A, Kluki and Wikio for their work on this beautiful poster (image not actual size) 20th Anniversary Poster in our 031320: Self Quarantine Kanikapila Album.

We’re definitely going to celebrate big time one the Virus Apocalypse is over!

Here comes the sun . . . . here comes the sun . . . . it’s alright . . . .

UFOhana is definitely out of this world!

Again, Mahalo Nui Loa for all your well wishes and prayers for my father.

Malama Pono Kakou!


Yeah, yeah . . . welcome home . . . whatevas . . .


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