031320: Self Quarantined Kanikapial


Aloha All,

Well it 7pm over UFOHQ. To commemorate our 1st SQK I’ve uploaded my contribution to a “Shared Album” on Google Photos. Please feel free to upload your song, video or photo so other can “Kani” along with you. Click the “Aloha” below to access the Album.

Btw, did I mention today was supposed to be our 20th Year of Kanikapilas?

Hauoli La Hanau UFOHana!

Aloha A hui hou,



2 Replies to “031320: Self Quarantined Kanikapial”

  1. Aloha braddah,

    Hau’oli La Hanau!!!

    Hope all is going well for you guys!!

    So happy to hear your Dad is feeling better!

    Prayers for all your family!

    Soon come,

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