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For those of you who could, hope you’re all recovering from a Night of Celebrating! So nice to be able to sleep in. I must be getting old . . .

Here we are at the beginning of 2020, let’s all hope for better, more peaceful and prosperous year for all. More strumming than last year!

I’ve update the events calendar with the next 5 events, click here view them. Hope to see you at one or more of them. Btw, the California Academy of Sciences event is closed for registrations. Sorry.

Linda and I spent Christmas Day at the Coast. Some of you may have heard about our little “Adventure” with AAA at Chimney Rock. We did get to see some wildlife while waiting for AAA, see below.

So we finally made it home that night and got ready Friday and Saturday Kanikapila.

Friday was special Kanikapila. Mahalo to our resident Jew-aiians for sharing in the lighting of their Shabbat Candles . . . we are honored.

The following Saturday was our last Kanikapila of the year and was held at the UFOHQ.


We spin through the years,
Dark rotates into the light,
And again we go.

See you soon UFOhana!

Malama Pono,


Who is that kane pōlani? Nice Bass!


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