072219: Another Action Packed Weekend!


Aloha UFOhana,

We’ve got another Strum-packed, Ukulele busting, Mass Hula hysteria weekend coming up. Click here to view the remaining events for July.

Oh by way, did I mention we are doing “Registrations” to RSVP for seats? Check out this event for details on to how to reserve yours! https://ufohana.org/event/ufohq-kanikapila-3/

This came about in search of a better way, other than texting, which proved to be so cumbersome and unreliable (as some of you may have experienced). I’m hoping this system will take care of the issues.

So back to this week’s events, first we warm up with a our standard issue UFOHQ Kanikapila on Friday. You know, the usual gathering of UFO Pilots and gorging on ono-licious food . . .

Then Saturday we’re at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club to visit with our SVWC ‘Ohana. Mahalo to Dorothy and her SVWC crew for hosting us once again.

Sunday we’ll be jamming on Lee and Miriam Hamilton’s Porch for the Napa Valley Porch Festival. Mahalo nui to Carolyn for arranging this event for us once again and to the Hamiltons for opening up their beautiful home to us. We’re also, asking that you bring a Potluck to share with them and your ‘Ohana. And please, do pass the word about this big event onto your friends and family.

For those of interested here’s a link to purchase T-Shirts and posters for that event:


Our next event after the Porchfest will be on a “Porch” (actually a community center) on Kaua’i!

So if you’re on Kaua’i and looking for an “Ohana” to Kanikapila with check us out on our August Calendar. I’ll update the calendar with events as we discover them, so do keep checking back.

Last week Friday we were also at the UFOHQ. An intimate group gathering of the usual suspects . . . click below for details . . .

Happy Birthday Dolores!

Saturday was Lopaka’s and Mary’s Aloha Oe Party. Click below for online album.

We also presented Lopaka with a (printed and bound) UFO Pilot’s Log book that contained images from his first Kanikapila to current. Click below to view the Log Book . . .

Cover of Lopaka’s Pilot Log

Lastly, a few of you mentioned that you were not able to access the NYTimes article, “Want to be less Racist? Move to Hawaii” article from last week’s posting. If you’re still interested click here to view a PDF version. It’s a long but very worthwhile read. I found it very insightful having grown up as an immigrant in Hawaii and eventually making it my home. I’ve found that the culture in Marin has very similar qualities, particularly with a group called the UFOhana. A non-bias opinion of course . . .

Ok, I better quit while I’m ahe . . . or maybe I should just quit, I think that’s all for now . . .

Have a great week everyone and don’t forget to send your Alohas out to Lopaka, Mary and Marion.

Me ke Aloha Pumehana,


. . . what? . . .


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