072019: Kaua’i Mission Log

Beginning Of Transmission:

UFOSqL Log, star date 071219.16.12:

Crew is prepping for transport to Mid-Pacific Archipelago aka Hawaiian Islands. Landing Site coordinates 22.0964° N, 159.5261° W, Lihue, Kaua’i, 4th largest island in the chain. All instruments are set to “Strum.”

First Contact has been established on previous Away Missions. Continued interaction with the local populace has been arranged through local agents and advanced AT scouts. Click here to view schedule.

Aloha Ka Kou!

We’re just about ready to beam down to the Garden Isle, which means the next time we Kanikapila on the Continent will be on August 23rd at the San Rafael Elks Lodge (they moved us to the 3rd Friday). I’ll be posting updates on our Away Mission to the Garden Isle so check back from time to time.

What a busy past weekend we had! Starting with our usual Friday Night Kani at UFOHQ.

click above to view album . . . btw, did I mention we had a great spread that night!

Then we had a great time at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club.

Click above to access online album . . . Mahalo to Craig and Linda for the wonderful photos!

And as if that wasn’t enough we got to do it again that Sunday with the Hamiltons at the Napa Valley Porchfest. Mahalo Nui Loa to The Hamiltons for hosting us, to Carolyn for arranging the event, and to the UFOhana Crew that assisted with setup, performing, Hula-ing, and teardown!

Carolyn, Miriam, Lee and Lois. Click image to view the album.

Going to cut it short tonight, have to get back to packing for Kaua’i. We’ll see you when we get back, or maybe on Kaua’i?


swirling in a storm,
descend lightly on a shore,
softly the waves sing.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


J-a-a-ake, come out to pla-a-ay . . .

End Of Transmission

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