071619: UFOHQ and UFOHQ this week!


Aloha All,

I’ve been having problems with the Blog lately, so last week’s post didn’t stick. I’m adding it to this one in hopes it makes it.

The event updates has been posted for this week. Check the events calendar for details. Please note that we’re having a special bon voyage Kanikapila for Lopaka and Mary this Saturday! See the event calendar for details.

I’ve also added some new events for our Kaua’i Away Mission. If you’ll be joining us check out the August Calendar as well. We’re going to be hella busy having hella fun! Please feel free to pass this onto your friends and ‘Ohana.

Speaking of Kaua’i, if you’re looking to save on lodging you may want to contact Cindy Ross. She’s looking for a room mate while she’ll be on Kaua’i. Send me a text or email and I’ll put you in contact.

One again Linda and I want to thank all of you that helped make this year’s County Fair performance such a rousing success. I’ve been getting responses from fellow County Employees that happened to have dropped in on the last day of the fair saying that they were blown away by our group! Mahalo to Charlotte’s Hula Hui for putting your all into the Hulas. People were asking if we had a regular venue where they could see more of our performance or may a CD? Hmmm, CD . . . . . . . Nah!

Click below for last Friday’s Kani . . .

Go Giants . . .

Click below for our Campbell Hall Album from last last Friday:

Click below for last Saturday’s UFOHQ Kanikapila:

Go Marion! Go Cindy!

And below for our last, last, Saturday Kanikapila / Fair Practice:

And for just good measure, click below for the County Fair photos. Just in case you missed it the first time.

Oh! Almost forgot. Click below to view the amazing Woodacre 4th of July Parade!

Go Raptors!

. . . and just one more thing . . . here’s great opinion / article about Racism in Hawaii from the NYTimes . . . very worth the time to read.

We  asked people on Oahu to give their ethnicity. Many had long answers.


mana of music,
wave of pulsing energy,
together we soar.

Aloha A Hui Hou!


Oh! Oh! This is my favorite part! Woa! You almost reach out and touch it!


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