070719: The UFOhana Eagle Has Landed!


Aloha UFOhana, just a quick post before I crash . . .

Well yet another successful Kanikapila the Marin County Fair. This time around we thrilled the audience with a Hula Extravaganza. Mahalo to Charlotte and all the hard working members of her Hula Hui! Click below to access the 100+ photos taken by Donna. Mahalo Nui Donna!

click above to access online album . . .

Btw, we’re at the Elks this Friday, check out Calendar of Events for details.

On behalf of Myself and Nohea, Mahalo Nui Loa to each every one of you that contributed to the success of this event. Onward to the Porch Fest!

Stay tuned for more details on up coming postings!

Malama Pono . . . sleepy time . . .



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