070219: Campbell, UFOHQ and County Fair


Aloha Kakou,

Another action packed weekend coming up for us. Beginning with Friday Kanikapila at Campbell Hall, Saturday at UFOHQ and ending with Sunday at the County Fair. Click here to view them on our event calendar. Don’t forget to actually CLICK ON THE EVENT to view the details of that event.

On behalf of the UFOhana I would like to send a Mahalo Nui Loa to Ken Emerson for sharing his amazing Ukulele and Steel / Slack Key Guitar talents with us this past Sunday. From Nohea and myself, Mahalo to all that supported this event. We hope that with your support, to keep the UFOHQ Concert Series going. Ken has mentioned that there may be Ukulele and Steel Guitar workshops in our future .

Click below for images from that incredible event.

. . . Martin Soprano, Vintage 1930 . . . Oh, the Uke’s old too!

And speaking of incredible events, congratulations to Bettty Ann and Hula Mai on their 10th Hoike! Mahalo for allowing us the honor of Kanikapila – ing with your Halau and ‘Ohana. Images of that event below.

Then there was the “surprise” early Birthday Gift from our Sonoma and UFOhana(s) at our Friday Kanikapila . . . click below for images . . .

‘Uhane Ko ‘Ohana . . .
. . . is this really happening?

There are not enough words in the world to express my thanks and joy to all of you that helped bring my new Ukulele to Life. I can feel the Mana and Aloha you all put into this beautiful instrument . . . no . . . symbol of our ‘Ohana. As it is the power of our ‘Ohana’s spirit that allows us to make wonderful things possible.

I will strive to make myself worthy of this makana (gift). To keep this special Ukulele singing forever and to honor all of you by keeping the doors of UFOHQ open to our ‘Ohana as long as I have breath to sing and hands to play.

I name him ‘Uhane Ko ‘Ohana (Spirit of ‘Ohana) to honor our ever growing Ukulele Friends ‘Ohana.

Ok . . . this is where Thor would summon his hammer, Mjolnir, and lightning would race down from the sky.

In my case this is the best I could do . . .

. . . behold the power of ‘Uhane Ko ‘Ohana!

Sorry for being a ‘little’ melodramatic. But honestly, Mahalo Nui Loa, Me ke aloha Pumehana Ka Kou . . .

So, moving on to the County Fair, Fair Event details are available by clicking the event in the Events Calendar I mentioned earlier. Just in case, click here to view it.

As for the Songs, Hulas and their order . . .

  1. Hawaiian War Chant to open. Right into Kuahiwi Nani. End abruptly at …Haleakala, then let the uli uliis keep rattling and end.
  2. Alekoki dancers join in and go right into dance with puilis Dance is about Alekoki pool in nuuanu – young lady waiting for special one by the pool, getting cold.
  3. Aloha Ka Manini – all Alekoki dancers.
  4. Bad Moon Rising
  5. Moondance
  6. Harvest Moon
  7. Count On Me
  8. On the Slopes of Mauna Kea
  9. Pretty Red Hibiscus
  10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

As you can see we’ve got a program full of Hulas, so please help with getting the Dancers on and off stage. Dancers, please locate yourselves for easy egress. Also, be aware that this set list is subject to change.


Indigo vessel,
Slumbering beneath its shell,
The Gift awakens.

Sleepy time is coming . . . well maybe another strum or two with ‘Uhane . . . before surrendering to Morpheus.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


yeah . . . he doesn’t play this one much since ‘Uhane came along . . .


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