061219: Are we melting yet?


Aloha Ahi Ahi Ka Kou,

I hope you’re all managing well through this heat. I’ve dragged out the portable air conditioner to create a little cool bubble for Nohea. Somehow she’s able to watch TV series about the Australian Outback through all this heat! I guess it a ‘dry heat’ and the air conditioner helps . . . a little.

I’ve posted this week’s Kanikapila Locations to the Events page. We’re at the Elks and UFOHQ this week. Click here to view details. I think I got it right for the rest of the month.

Joe Tato from our Elks Ohana is looking for volunteers to help man (person?) the Beer Booth at the County Fair. Email him at j_tato@yahoo.com if you’re able to lend a hand.

So last week Friday we were are Campbell Hall. Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos from that night. Mahalo Nui to Fada Chip for hosting us once again.

On the other hand, we do have some photos from last Saturday, click the ducks to view the online album. Brudda Ken joined us and the craziness ensued once again . . .

Wak, wak . . .


As time ebbs and flows,
We move as quantum fragments,
Life in a vast cloud . . .

Stay cool out there! Hope to see you soon!

Aloha A Hui Hou,

Whew! It’s hoooooot!


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