050819: Event Calendar Updated


Aloha All,

I’ve updated the Events Calendar to the end of the month. You can view it here . This week we’re gathering at UFOHQ Friday and Saturday. But you may want to check the Events Calendar for our Fresno Kanikapila and the Charlotte’s Great Lei Making Competition, Yes, I did say Fresno . . . oh, and Lei Making . . . still working on the Kaua’i Away Mission event(s) schedule.

Last week we enjoyed great weather, and it all began at the Campbell Hall. Mahalo to Reverend Chip for hosting the UFOhana last week . . .

Click above for online album.

We got to repeat the joy that following Saturday. See it for yourself below . . .

Click above for online album.

And we get to repeat it all over again this weekend!


a warm joyous sound,
a smile returning a smile,
as we sway in time.

Mahalo Nui Loa,


Here today gone to Meeeoweeee!


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