042919: Fri=Campbell, Sat=UFOHQ


Aloha All,

Another great week of sunny weather ahead. Unfortunately, the sun has encouraged not just the flowers to bloom but the weeds also. But then again, at least they have blooms as well . . . good weather for shampooing carpet too!

I updated the Events calendar with this week’s events. Click here to view it.

Click below to view last Friday’s Kanikapila album.

Last Saturday we were invited to participate in He’e Nalu’s Canoe Blessing at 101 Sports. Mahalo to all participating UFOhana Pilots who helped spread the Aloha, and to Nicole and He’e Nalu for allowing us the honor. Best of luck in your coming season, IMUA!

Click above to view images from the Event.

Btw, I also upload collages from the first 10 year of UFOhana Kanikapila. If you’re curious you can view them here.

Ok, I’m heading off to the sleeping zone . . .


A river of clouds,
Streams in a cobalt blue sky,
A hawk surfs the winds.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


“When I grow up I want a kitty just like you” – Young Nohea


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