042419: UFOHQ-Friday & He’e Nalu Canoe Blessing-Saturday


Aloha Kakou,

It’s hump day! Yay, queue the Camels . . . sorry you had to be there. I’ve posted the events for this week. Click here to view them, remember to click the event day to view the details.

Mahalo nui to all that participated in last week’s Kanikapilas, to Dorothy of the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club, to Linda and Craig for the great photos and to Pauline for being such a great Roadie Saturday (one that even provides coffee and cookies). Always such a joy to strum the night and day away with the ‘Ohana!

Click below to view Friday’s Kani . . . a special thanks to Ralph and Bob for taking care of those car eating potholes out front (see their handiwork in the album below).

. . . and click below for the SVWC Kanikapila . . .

Check out Jake’s “cousin” below, noticed him as I was walking from Panera after breakfast. I guess they couldn’t settle for a dashboard bobble hula dancer?

“A little privacy here? Trying to Catnap!”

Btw, remember all that grass (sorry not the smoking kind) in the backyard?

click above . . .

. . . and then this guy appeared at our front door. Anybody lose their skeleton? Judging from Linda’s expression, I think she’s got plans for him . . .

Below, click the image to view the Kanikapila with the Keikis from 041219 . . .


ghostly melodies,
distant memories in time,
a voice fades from thought.

Aloha A Hui Hou!


huh, what? yeah, yeah, I love you too . . .


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