030519: Hauoli La Hanau UFOhana!


Aloha UFOhana,

Can you believe that come this Friday the the UFOhana we would have been strumming together now for 19 years? No wonder my fingers are tired / sore / callused / throbbing / cracked / oh, did I say tired?  But seriously, we sure have created a lot of good memories playing together and hopefully, with help from our higher powers, will continue to generate more as we strum along this journey we’re all on.

We’ll be at the Elks this Friday and Joe is preparing a special meal for us of Pork Adobo, Fish and stir fry. Sounds ono-licious, Mahalo Joe!

Being that this is a special night for the UFOhana, we are asking that you dress in your finest “Hawaiian Bling Bling” aka HBB, we’ll leave the interpretation of that up to you. If you’re in need of HBB inspiration give Nohea a call at 415-572-1175 to schedule a private viewing of her Hawaiian goods.

I’ve posted event details for this week, you can view them here.

Speaking of special, check out some of Lynnette’s amazing Keiki below!

Click above to view a video of Lynnette’s 4th Graders practicing “Havana” for their May Concert. Emma, who performed with us at the California Academy of Sciences, is solo-ing. According to Lynnette they did this all on their own! Well done!

I’m sure many of you remember Bogie’s Cafe, one of the few UFOhana friendly establishments that recently closed. Well, Leslie says they are reopening as “Bogie’s Too” beginning this Thursday. Click below to view their Facebook for details and location . . .

Bogie’s Too cafe . . . it’s not a worm!

If you’re not busy Friday morning consider dropping in for an early breakfast or maybe later for lunch? Nohea and I will be there with friends for breakfast.

Last week’s images from Campbell Hall Kanikapila. Mahalo Rev. Chip for keeping the doors open for us!

Click above to view album.

Saturday we kani’d even more . . .

Click above to view Saturday album.


flocks circles above,
surfing the incoming storm,
wings on waves of sky.

Take care all! Stay dry and stay safe . . .

Aloha A Hui Hou,

Woa! Watch out! Incoming legs!
Huh? Sorry Dad . . . ready to order?


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