022519: ua hoi aku ka ua . . .


Aloha UFOhana,

The Rains have returned, it’s wet and windy once again. I hope you’re all fairing well through this latest storm. Let’s hope all this water means we won’t have a drought this year . . . but then again . . .

I just posted this weeks Kanikapila(s) to our events calendar. You can view it HERE. Mahalo nui loa to all of you that participate and make our Kanikapila such a warm and welcoming event.

Speaking of events, we’re scheduling a “road” trip out to Kaua’i, August 1st to the 12th, and inviting all ‘Ohana members to come along. We will be Kanikapila-ing with Reverend Chip’s ‘Ohana for the first part of the trip and spending time up North in Waipa for the second part. There, we will learn about one of the most important food staples of the Hawaiian Culture, Poi, and experience the making of it and the community surrounding this important food. In between all of this we hope to continue Kanikapila in the evenings after returning from our adventures around the Garden Island. Email me at Kaleikoa@piko.ws if you’re interested and want join in on the UFOhana Kaua’i Away Mission. We hope, with the help of Melann and Carolyn, to have enough ‘Ohana interested to secure lodgings at a discount.

Last week Friday we were given a break from the ka ua (rain) and partied more than you shake a, or maybe 4 bamboo, sticks at. Click below to view the images from that night.

Alekoki . . .

Saturday we visited our ‘Ohana at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club. What great turn out that was. Mahalo Nui Loa to the SV Wahine for hosting us and to Betty Ann and Hula Mai ‘Ohana for being so welcoming, sharing their Aloha and Hula with us. Click below for the photos. Mahalo to Craig and Nohea for all the fabulous photos.


blanket of cold gray,
streams rush to the underground,
winds howl in disdain.

Malama Pono Ka Kou!


Meow . . . la dat . . .


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