010219: Hauoli Maka Hiki Hou!


Welcome to the New Year Everyone!

Our first Friday Kanikapila will be at held at Campbell Hall in Sausalito. Click here for details and Click here for our first Saturday Kanikapila details.

I’m still in disbelief at how fast the year went by and then suddenly, here we are at the beginning of 2019! For those of you who missed last year’s final kanikapila(s) click the images below.

Last Friday’s:

Last Saturday’s . . .

And click below for images of our first Kanikapila of 2019. The UFOhana Away Mission at Planet CAoS (California Academy of Sciences) . . .

. . . 40 to beam down Scotty . . . set Ukuleles to Stunning!

Mahalo Nui to the Away Team members for sending out all that Aloha to the CAoS inhabitants and their guests. I believe we well very well received by the CAoS staff and their public. I approached our handler / primary contact about possibly taking the poster below home and was told that, “We’re saving it for Next Year” , OMG!

I guess we better start practicing our “educational songs for science lovers of all ages” now! Also, our A/V contact mentioned that the was very touched by our rendition of “Over the Rainbow” . . . . so I gave him a copy of our Flight Manual. He was very grateful and was pleased to see that he would be able to play our songs on his guitar.

You just never know sometimes . . .

. . . btw, above, that’s Madison and Gerson next to Lynnette from about two years ago

Here they are as of yesterday . . .

. . . Madison’s sporting a ‘shorter’ hairdo this year and Gerson’s almost as tall as Lynnette!

In case some of you are waxing nostalgic (and have time to view about 5200 photos), click here for UFOhana Events from 2018. It’s sorted from December to January. Mahalo to Nohea, Donna, Tony and all the other photographers that contributed to UFOhana Archives. It’s pretty amazing to see how busy we were / are / will be / I’m tired just thinking about it!


captured by a sun,
a messenger from afar,
silently waiting . . .

Malama Pono Ka Kou!


Doing his best Hamster Imitation


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