122418: Friday & Saturday Kanikapila = UFOHQ


Just wanting to post this one a little early and wish a Mele Kalikimaka to our beloved UFOhana!

On behalf of Nohea, Jake and myself I want to send a very heartfelt Mahalo Nui Loa to you all for sharing your Aloha, warmth and generous gifts with us this past Friday and Saturday. It really amazes me and now much positive energy this Ohana can generate when we get together, and it’s all because of this teeny little instrument. I can’t imagine life without one, well maybe two, or three . . . anyway it’s definitely part of our DNA now.

So this Friday we’re meeting at the UFOHQ at our usual run time of 7pm-10pm. We’ve decided to give everyone a break and make an “Theme-less” night. Though we’re still doing a Bring Yummy Food (PotLuck) theme of sorts, BYOMusic Stands and always some spare Aloha to go around. Though that doesn’t seem to be a problem with our group.

Saturday we’ll also be at the UFOHQ at our usual time of 2-4pm. BYOBS (no Gary, that Beverages and Snacks), also BYOBlahBlahBlahBlah . . . anyway you folks know the routine and please text me at 4153007804 if you need a seat.

Last Friday Ugly Sweater / PJ Kanikapila

Click below for images of the Ugly Sweater / PJ festivities last Friday.

Saturday Kanikapila with Ken Emerson

So last Saturday we thought we’d have a nice quiet Kanikapila since we were all so rowdy the night before. Then Carolyn brings this guy Ken Emerson along with Lois and well . . . . let’s just say that we hope he comes back! Suffice to say that ukulele heavens parted when he played lap steel (insert angelic choir here – Ah aaaaa) and I’m told he really rips on his teeny little soprano ukulele, which he didn’t get to play this time around. I mean after all, just how many times can one person part the heavens in a day? But all kidding aside, Mahalo Carolyn and Lois for sharing Ken with the Ohana. Mahalo to Ken for being such a great sport and for sharing his Aloha, A Hui Hou Brudda!

There’s another week ahead of us, Malama Pono everyone, keep dry and warm. Don’t forget to share the Aloha, lots of tense drivers and shoppers out there!

Indigo glowing,
Luna parts the night’s abyss,
Warmth in the darkness.

Mele Kalikimaka a pau,


Sheesh, what a weekend I’m bushed!


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