Petaluma T fo’ T Kanikapila Update


Aloha All,

Looks like we’re mostly good for Saturday’s Toys for Tots Kanikapila. They’re expecting 50% chance of shower in the ‘morning hours’. I will probably be up there around 10:30-11AM to start setup. I’m bringing two 10 x 10 popups for the rain and could use some help with setup. Also bringing a brand new Power Generator (On loan, courtesy of our favorite Non-Profit: PIKOhana) and my ‘cheaper’ sound system ($1000 instead of the $3K Bose), just in case the weather menehunes got it wrong.

Remember to bring your weather gear, Gig Gear (music stand, wind clips, etc.), a chair (if you need one), Gig Book (I’m bringing 2 dozen Christmas Books) and lots of Aloha to share with our Petaluma ‘Ohana. Oh, and don’t forget to bring an unwrapped toy!

Hope to see you tonight at the lodge for our Winter Ball and Elks VP Fundraiser (see previous post for details)!

Malama Pono Ka Kou,



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