111418: Friday=UFOHQ, Saturday=Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club


Aloha Ahi Ahi Kakou!

Brrrrrrrrr! Cough! Cough! I hope you’re all doing well through all this cold and smoke. Please send your Alohas and good Mana out to all the survivors of the horrendous fires that’s ravaging our State. Let’s pray that our first responders and firefighters come home safely from their battle with the flames.

As you may already know, we’ll be at the UFOHQ this Friday, I’ve installed some FPR10 (Smoke inhibiting) Air Filters in our UFOHQ windows to help provide a smoke free environment while we Kanikapila the night away. That’s two in the windows behind Mike and Tracy in the photo below . . .

We’re running the Friday Kanikapila 7p-10p, Potluck, BYOBeverage, BYOMusicStands, BYAloha, I’m sure you already know the routine. TEXT me at 4153007804 if you’ll be joining us, remember if you email me, I probably won’t get it. But no worries we can always make room and we always have plenty of  chairs!

Mahalo Nui Loa to the Elks for hosting us last Friday and to Joe and his Kitchen Krew for the wonderful Kaukau! Mahalo to all that attended and made it such an up beat, energetic night! Nothing like two cups of coffee before a gig to get things going! Nectar of the A.D.D. Gods. I hear our guests from New York were thoroughly entertained and /or humiliated or some of all of the above?

Click below for online album . . .

Since Thanksgiving falls so close to our usual Fourth Saturday in Sonoma, we’ve decided to move it up to this Saturday the 17th. This way our Sonoma ‘Ohana can spend some quality time with their own.

We’ll be there 2p-4p, BYOGear (Music Stands), BYS$$$ to donate to the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club and BAS (Bring  Any Snacks) you’d like to share with our Sonoma ‘Ohana.

Last Saturday we gathered at the UFOHQ, a small but very lively group, sort of a “Smokey” Cabaret “atmosphere”. Click below for online album . . .

A Mid-day Night falls,
Ashen specks of lives adrift,
Foreboding winds moan.

Take care everyone, keep those N95s on!

Aloha A hui hou,


Jake’s on vacation we’re filling in . . .


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