102418: Friday=Come As You Aren’t @ UFOHQ, Saturday=Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club


Aloha All,

It’s that time of the year again! This Friday is our annual “Come As You Aren’t” Kanikapila. So dress up in your best Alter Egos and come on down! We’ll be running it 7pm – 10pm. BYPotLuck (you know that special Halloween fare like, Eye of a  Newt, Knee of an Eel, Hair of a Bald Headed Man and maybe . . . SPAM Musubi?), BYMusicStands, BYOBeverages, BYBestHalloweenCostume (See examples below) and always bring some Aloha to share with your ‘Ohana. Click here to view last week Friday’s Kanikapila. Please text (do not send to my email as I may miss it) me at 4153007804 if you need a seat for Friday.


Saturday we’ll be in Sonoma at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club, 2p-4p. BYMusicStands, BYSome$$$ to donate to the SVWC and always, any extra Aloha you have. It’s been awhile since we seen our Sonama/Napa ‘Ohana, looking forward to it! Click here to view last Saturday’s Kanikapila and our Leukemia Fundraiser Gig.

Really tired, so I’m calling it day.

Aloha Aaaaa <yawn> Hui Hou,

Image result for halloween costumes for tuxedo cats
WHO AM I? I AM the Cat, Uh, Bat Man . . .


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  1. So sorry to miss the happy events! And I love the kitty picture; happy Halloween!! I’m enjoying music in the Nashville TN area. Saw an amazing bluegrass group last nite; you can find them on Facebook: Joe Mullens and the Radio Ramblers.
    Love and happy haunting to you all, Joanie C

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