082218: Kanikapila Friday=Elks, Saturday=Sonoma


Aloha All,

We’ll be at the Elks this Friday, Dining Room, 7 pm-9 pm-ish. We were thinking about the Terrace, but the evenings have been way to cold for us Senior Ukulele Pilots (sorry Joe, sorry Monica). Dinner will be available for a small fee. I believe Jerk Chicken and some healthy preparations of veggies are on the menu! Mahalo to the Elks for being such gracious hosts.

Below, no that’s not Sandy playing the Air Bass, he’s actually doing “In A Canoe” hula with Charlotte!!!!! Click below to be amazed . . . see more . . . OMG!

Click above to see Sandy doing In A Canoe . . .

Btw, I fogot to post this the first time . . . sorry Joe . . . sorry Monica!

Saturday we’ll be at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club, 2pm – 4pm, BYOGear (music stands), some $$$ to donate at the door and for Beverages. Mahalo to Na Wahine Mahina na Awaawa (Women of the Valley of the Moon) for hosting us once again.

Click below for last week’s Saturday Kanikapila . . .

On a sad note, as some of you may be aware, Bogie’s Cafe, a favorite hangout of the UFOhana, and probably the only other Ukulele Friendly establishment other than the Elks in San Rafael closed it’s doors this past Sunday. Click below for images from Sunday and today’s Aloha Oe to Bogie’s.

But Wait! Leslie wants the UFOhana to hold one last Kanikapila at Bogie’s August 31st, Friday, 7-9pm-ish, BYPotluck, BYOChairs and Music Gear and of course, BYOAloha! Let’s give Leslie, Michael and Bogie’s a great send off!

Ok time to go lay down . . . two more sleepy times before Ukulele NIght . . .

Recalling good times,
This was home away from home,
Mahalo Bogie’s!

Malama Pono All,


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