073018: Fri=Campbell Hall, Sat=Maritime Day


Aloha UFOhana,

Is it just me or did we just have one hella whirlwind weekend?

I want to start by saying Mahalo Nui Loa to everyone that participated in Sunday’s Napa Valley Porch Festival.  At the risk of forgetting someone, I like to first say Mahalo to Lee and Miriam Hamilton for opening their beautiful home, their amazing back yard / “Green” Room and hearts to us. To Hula Mai Halau and Kumu, Betty Ann, and Charlotte for sharing all that fabulous Hula. Betty, that impromptu sidewalk “Hula Mound” worked like a charm! To Carolyn for setting us up with the event, the beautiful UFOhana Banner, and providing B&B services to migrant UFOhana members in need.

Click above for photo album

To Lois for the ono-licious breakfast, for helping with Linda’s Booth and sharing your vocal talents with us. To Glen for not showing up for breakfast so I can eat all his Portagee Sausage and Fried Rice. To my Hana Ali’i (Chief Roadie), Wally and all his Roadies (Ralph, Tucker, Barbara, John, Melann, Marty, Pauline, Cindy, Linda A, Gary, Sandra, ad infinitum). Who, with is hui (crew), got us setup in record time (less than 30 minutes) to meet our 3pm start time and also helped with the breakdown of EVERYTHING! To Craig and Nohea for the great photos . To our Bass Commander, Mr. Bailey, for keeping on time, channeling Ray C, and those cool pants! To all of the UFOhana Pilots that showed up, strummed, and poured their Aloha into every song and dance. And of course, to my lovely Nohea for keeping me afloat and on course through all the controlled chaos we call UFOhana Gigs.

Btw, at the end of the gig Lee walked up to me and said, “Del, Last Sunday (28th) in July 2019 I want you guys back here 3p – 5p.” Yikes! Better put that on your calendars folks!

Ok, back to this week’s events. Friday we’re congrating at the Campbell Hall at our usual time of 6:30p – 9pm-ish. BYPotluck, Music Stands and always, BYAloha.

This Saturday we’ll be at the Maritime Day Fundraising Event for Galilee Harbor (did you get that Ted?). We’ll be playing from 11pm to 1pm. BYOChairs, Music Stands, Gig Books, Wind Clips, Hats, Sunscreen, Reef Walkers (for hula dancers, the ground is lumpy), Warm Layered clothes, and anything else I may have forgot to mention . . . see below for details. Mahalo to Donna for inviting  us back once again.

Oh yeah, we did have Kanikapilas last Friday at the UFOHQ and last Saturday at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club (Mahalo to Dorothy and Pat for Hosting). Click here for the Friday UFOHQ Album and here for the Saturday SVWC Kanikapila Album.

That should do it for now, hope you all have a great week and Hui Hou!

fragile melodies,
petals gently drift earthward,
a mele blossoms

Me ke aloha pumehana,

The printer’s out of paper again! . . . Hello?


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  1. I’m so impressed with UFOHANA from first time I saw you at Napa Elks last September- even bought a gig book! You’re an inspirational group not just for your enjoyment and preservation of the ukulele and all things Hawaiian but a showcase of happiness, love and respect. Thank you for sharing. I hope to join you one of these days.
    Your Porchfest performance was the hit of the day.

    Rose-Marie Yull

    1. Rose-Marie,

      Mahalo nui loa for the kind comments. So glad you enjoyed our Kanikapila. Hope to see amongst the UFOhana some day!

      Aloha Nui Loa,

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