053018: 1st Friday = Campbell Hall, Saturday = UFOHQ


Aloooooha UFOhaaaana!

Can you believe it? We’re already in June! Which means we’ll be congregating at the Campbell Hall in Sausalito, 6:30pm to 9:ish. BYPotLuck, BYOMusicStand&BookLights, and remember, don’t Bb C#! Sorry about that too much coffee tonight. As always, Mahalo Nui to Reverend Chip and his Congregation for their hospitality and welcoming Aloha spirit. We’re so blessed to have an ‘Ohana in Sausalito!

Click here for last week Friday’s images . . .

This Saturday we’re gathering at the UFOHQ. 2-4pm. BYOB&S (Bevs and Snackees if you need). Please RSVP a seat via Text to 4153007804 if you will be attending.

Last week Saturday was Sonoma Valley Women’s Club Kanikapila. What a great time that was! Mahalo to Linda and Craig photographing the event. Click here to view those images. Mahalo to all UFOhana Pilots that attended and shared their Aloha with our Sonoma ‘Ohana!

Btw, next week Saturday, June 9th, in lieu of Saturday Kanikapila, we’ve been asked performing at the Fairfax Fair, Redwood Stage 12pm-1:15pm. BYOGear, BYOGigBook, BYOSunProtection, BYOChair (as we won’t all fit on that little stage), BYAlohaNuiLoa to share with the Fairfaxians. I should have a set list prior to the event . . . should have . . . Traffic and parking is always a challenge so plan accordingly. Be there no later than 11:30am.

For those of you interested, click here for Where’s Linda Walking Tonight images. Kwak! Kwak! Honk!

a lone sentinel,
balancing against the wind,
a twig his castle.

Aloha A Hui Hou!



052218: Kanikapila Locations for Friday = UFOHQ for Saturday = SVWC


Aloha UFOhana,

Just a quick one before I dash off . . .

We’ll be at the UFOHQ this Friday, 7p-10p, BYPotLuck, BYOMusicStands and BYEA (Extra Aloha). Mahalo to all that attended last Friday, images here, and shared all that wonderful food and UFOhana Kine Aloha. If you need a seat this Friday, please RSVP by texting me at 4153007804. Mahalo.

Saturday we’ll be with our Sonoma ‘Ohana at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club. 2p-4p, BYOGear (chairs provided) and BYO$5.00 to donate to the Woman’s Club. Mahalo to Betty Ann, Hula Mai and The SVWC for hosting us once again. Click here for last Saturday’s Kanikapila. Mahalo to Pauline and Nohea for providing the Royals Accoutrement.

Btw, we’ve been invited to perform at the Fairfax Fair, June 9th, 12p-1:15. BYOGear, BYOSunScreen, BYOGigBook. More to come!

Lives interconnect,
A ripple in still waters,
Hearts beating in time.

-=SqL+The Duchess of Santa Venetia+Jake=-


051318: It’s UFOHQ Kanikapila Week!


Aloha Everyone,

It’s that time of the month All! We’ll be congregating at the UFOHQ this Friday (7p-10p), BYPL (Pot Luck), BYOMusicStands, BYAloha as always. Mahalo to Joe and the Elk-ders for hosting us last Friday and for that delicious Dinner!

Saturday we’ll be at the UFOHQ again, 2-4pm, BYOB&Snacks and any left over Aloha you might have from Friday.

From Nohea and myself, Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that attends our Kanikapilas and share all your Aloha with us and your ‘Ohana. We are so blessed. By the way, please text me at 4153007804 to RSVP a seat.

Click the collage below for Friday Images. Mahalo to Steve and Linda for the great photos!

Saturday we celebrated 3 Birthdays, Pauline, Marion and Ralph! Mahalo to Sandy for providing that delicious cake! I know Adin loved it, there’s a photo online of him doing quadruple strums after eating “some”!

Ukulele Player by day . . . Pilipino Gardner by . . . so here I am all suited up to trim the lawn/weeds, only thing missing was my white hazmat bunny suit!

Del with his “Mow Joe” electric mower…
Did you get my good side?

endless horizons,
memories drift in the winds,
leaves dance to a song.

Have a great week everyone!

Aloha A Hui Hou,


Ok Everybody! This way to the litter box!



050818: We’re @ The Lodge (Fri) and UFOHQ (Sat) . . .


Aloha UFOhana,

We’re coming up on the second Friday of the month this week which means we’ll be Kanikapila-ing at the Elks Lodge (1108) in San Rafael this Friday. Dinner will be offered for a nominal fee, Brudda Joe Tato is going with a Local-Kine Island menu. Hulihuli Chicken, Joe’s Pork Adobo, Veggie Stir Fry (some tofu on the side for vegetarians) and Butter Mochi for Dessert. Dinner 6:30-ish, Kanikapila 7pmish to 9:30pmish. Mahalo to Joe and the Elk-ders for their hospitality!

Mahalo Nui to Reverend Chip for hosting us last Friday. It was great to be back in the Campbell Hall. Always such an inspiration to be among all the beautiful Redwood, Stained Glass and our ‘Ohana. Click Here for Friday Photo Album.

This Saturday we’ll be at the UFOHQ, 2p-4p, BYOB&S (Bevs and Snackees). Please RSVP via text to 4153007804 if you need a seat. Mahalo to those that participated last week and made it such a warm intimate event. Mahalo to Lynnette for introducing her student, Aiden and his Tutu Judy, to the ‘Ohana. Click Here for Saturday Photos.

Click this Link to see where Nohea’s walking now and this link if you like Ducks.

Click above to see what Del sees 8 hours a day Mon – Fri . . .

A billowing spire,
Bisects a bright azure sky,
Fading mark of man.



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