121817: Ugly Christmas Sweater & Or Favorite Pajama Night @ UFOHQ this Friday!


Aloha Ahi Ahi All,

It’s that time of the year where you can dust off or maybe vacuum off that Sweater only Christmas Fans could love. If you don’t happen to have one, maybe you have a favorite warm and comfy Christmas Jammy that you can wear to UFOHQ’s ANNUAL UCS and or FPJN! I’m sure you know what the acronyms stand for . . .

We’ll be congregating at the UFOHQ. Our run time is 7p-10p, BYPotLuck (healthy comfort food, or whatevers . . ), BYMusicStands, BYHS&A (Holiday Spirit and that A-word thing . . . again). We encourage you to bring your family and friends on this special joyous night.

Below, images from last Friday. Click collage for album . . .

This Saturday we’ll be meeting once again at the UFOHQ at our usual time, 2p-4p and you’re welcome to wear your UCS and or FPJ as well. Feel free to bring Snacks or Beverages if you’re up to it . . .

Last week we had Bill join us as Bass Commander. Mahalo Bill for lending us a hand! Click below for album access.

On a serious note . . . let’s all send some healing thoughts and our Aloha to Ralph, Lynnette’s Mom,  Toni, Katherine and Lopaka. Who are recovering from health issues, we hope you all feel better soon. . . Malama Pono.

Whispers on the winds,
Ancient songs carried on high,
Recalling worlds past . . .

Happy Ho Ho Everyone. Hope to see you this Friday and or Saturday!

A Hui Hou,


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