112817: We’re at Campbell Hall this Friday!


Aloha Everyone,

It’s almost a new month! Which means we’ll be meeting at the beautiful Campbell Hall in Sausalito this Friday between the hours of 6 & 9pm.  BYOGear (music stands and lights), BY(Yummy)PotLuck and some  Extra Aloha to share with your ‘Ohana. Mahalo to Reverend Chip for hosting us once again.

Before I forget, by any chance, did anyone find a small Zip Lock bag with a USB cable in our Front Porch? That was a phone charging cable  that I left out for my son. If so, could you please leave it in the little Cup (with the Koosh ball) on the metal shoe shelf? Mahalo.

Click below for Friday images:

This Saturday we will be holding our Kanikapila at the Elks Dining Room at their special dinner event below. We’ll be playing from 5pm on . . . Click the image below if your wish to RSVP for Dinner.

Click below for Saturday happenings . . .

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, onward to our next Holiday!

Skies draped in dark clouds,
Slowly life grows through damp earth,
Blessings from above.

Hope to see you this weekend sometime!

Aloha A Hui Hou,

“Now where did I put that remote?”


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