090617: We’re at the UFOHQ This Friday and Saturday . . .


Aloha Ka Kou,

Another Heat Wave has past, here’s hoping for a cooler time at the UFOHQ this Friday and Saturday for our Kanikapila.

Mahalo Nui to all of you that made Charlotte and my Birthdays so special. We are so blessed to have such caring ‘Ohana. I know there are more Virgos out there, so we’ll have to celebrate probably the whole month until you all come forward! Mahalo to Gary and Charlotte for provided the delicious Birthday Cakes. They brought happiness within and outside of our ‘Ohana (just ask Cindy M).

Speaking of Hot Nights, click here for last week’s Hot Kanikapila Night of Virgos and here for an almost as Hot Saturday Kanikapila.

A reminder of September’s upcoming events:

September 16th:
Kanikapila at the Napa Aloha Festival
2p – 4p

There are no details yet on their site but you can click below for information . ..

Btw, MHCF will be taking canned food donations at the event. So come on, give up that extra can of SPAM for a good cause!

September 23rd:
Napa Elks Lodge 4p-8p

September 30th:
It’s Kanikapila at the Sharktoberfest!
11am – 4p.

Yes, we’ve been invited to play there once again. Hope some of you can help out with this worthy cause. Brudda David McGuire has asked us to play from 11a – 1p. Click image below for details . . .

Also, UFOGBVol1 (our UFOhana Gig Book) is now available. Just ask Linda (Nohea) for a copy at our next Kanikapila.

shimmering image,
earthly ghosts of heat and light,
sun slowly descends 

Aloha Ahi Ahi,