092717: Kanikapila at UFOHQ this Friday . . .


Aloha All,

That’s right we’re back at the UFOHQ this Friday, usual run time of 7p -10p. BYPotLuck, something yummy and/or healthy, BYOMusicStands and of course a little extra Aloha to share.

Saturday we’ll be at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club, 2p-4p. BYOGear (music stands). I believe refreshments will be available for a nominal fee. Mahalo nui loa  once again to the SV Wahine and to Betty Ann Bruno and Hula Mai Wahine for sharing their Aloha.

Last week Friday we celebrated Lopaka’s (85th) and Joe’s (77th) Birthdays. Click here for images of that fun night. Hauoli La Hanau to our Elder Kane!

The following day, Saturday, we Kanikapila’d  with the Napa Valley Elks at their Luau Fund Raiser. Mahalo to the NV Elks for hosting us. Click here to view images from that night’s festivities. Big Mahalo to all the UFOhana Pilots that assisted in the kitchen and with the band setup. Couldn’t have done it without your Kokua and Aloha!

Btw, for those of you interested, September 30th is also the beginning of Sharktoberfest. Here’s a link to that and other Shark Events for the month,  http://sharktoberfest.org/  .  Though we won’t be able to make it this year. Maybe those of you on the other side of the bridge might want to drop in and support this worthy event. Please give our regards to David and Crew if you do make it.

October 8th it’s Pan Cakes, Ukulele and The Red Oak! See Below for details from Brudda Jon Cyr……
Welcome aboard!

Aloha Ukulele Friends,

Here is the info on the Pancake/Ukulele Jam 2017———Fleet Week 2017 (click image below to enlarge).

It’s a Great place bring the whole family…E-mail me  (Jon Cyr-chefjon510@aol.com)  if you can come so i can get a head count.

Share with all your Ukulele friends-clubs-groups.  Everyone’s welcome! OH, don’t forget your UKULELES. And check out the info below:

https://goo.gl/maps/MjEq85Waeq82    <  Link to SS Red Oak Victory

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ayuw1o3vo6mxvpv/AADKIQwaRWSvboJD4v9jhjgCa?dl=0  < Link to da Songs-print and bring

http://sfbayospreys.org                                                                                                      < Link to Osprey Nest “LIVE” aboard SS Red Oak

http://www.rosietheriveter.org    <  Link to Rosie The Riveter Museum nearby…

” If Lovin Uke is wrong I don’t wanna be Right”,

Jon Cyr
Hilltop Ukulele Lovers Academy


a phenomenon,
distortions of humankind,
what was right now wrong . . . 

Ok, time to get some rest. Take care everyone.

Aloha A Hui Hou,
-=SqL+Linda+Sid the Triffid=-




092017: We’re at the UFOHQ this Friday and Napa Saturday


Aloha Ahi Ahi Kakou!

Over the hump once again and heading into another Ukulele Fun Filled weekend. Starting with Kanikapila at the UFOHQ, 7p-10p, BYPotLuck (healthy if possible), BYOMusicStands and BYAloha, of course! Saturday Kanikapila will be held at the following, please note the time and you may want to RSVP with the Napa Lodge if you haven’t already:

September 23rd:
Napa Elks Lodge 4p-8p

Btw, we’re actually called the “Ukulele Friends Ohana”. Click above for link to their lodge website.

We’re not sure where we’ll be exactly in the lodge so just mill around till you trip over a Microphone cable. It’ll probably be me setting up the sound system.

September 29th we’re back at the UFOHQ at our usual time. You guys know the drill . . . always bring Aloha!

September 30th:
We’re at the Sonoma Valley Womans Club at our usual time of 2p-4p. BYOMusicStand. Refreshments provided by the SVWC . . . 

Click above for Link to their Contact Page

I want to send a big Mahalo out to Sue and Joe for hosting the UFOhana at the Napa Aloha Festival and Mahalo Nui to all that helped with setup and participated at the Kanikapila. It was an Ono-Ono time for all.  Oh, and thanks to Craig and Linda for the great PHOTOS !

I also want to share some images of Future Ukulele Pilots in the making. A small group of us were asked to perform at a small school event this past Sunday, where Lynette and Charlotte was able to promote their Ukulele Program(s). Click here to view some of the youngest, cutest Ukulele Pilots yet!

Btw, speaking of “youngest”, I understand that Lopaka turned 85 today and Joe is currently at 77 and holding . . . Hauoli La Hanau to you both!

a sudden chill comes,
endless shades of black to red,
beauty in the storm.

It’s not Hawaii but the colors are sure close . . . if you squint your eyes you can almost hear the ocean . . .

Aloha A Hui Hou!


Heeelllp! I’m trap in a bubble!