081417: Kanikapila at HQ this Friday . . .


Aloha Ahi Ahi Everyone!

We’re at the UFOHQ this Friday 7-10pm. BYKauKau (Pot Luck Sorta Healthy), BYOMusic Stands (we’re good on chairs), BYAloha to share with your ‘Ohana and oh . . . Faith Ako! Yes, that’s right, Faith will be joining us this Friday. So come on down and help make her feel welcome!

Speaking of Fridays, Mahalo Nui to all that attended Joe’s Jewelling Ceremony  this past Friday and helped make it such a fun and Ono-licious event. Mahalo to Tad for the great food and to  Barbara, Tucker and MelAnn for helping out in the kitchen. Mahalo Charlotte and Cindy for helping with clean up too. Click below to view the online album . . .

Saturday Kanikapila will be held at the UFOHQ as well at our usual run time 2p-4p. You know the rest . . .  Click here for images of last week’s Saturday Kanikapila.

For those of you that missed it, click below to view images and videos of Andrew Molina’s Ukulele Workshop and Concert held at the Magic Flute.

Well it’s a long week ahead time to get some rest time  . . .

Written in the sand,
A promise long forgotten,
Awash in the sea . . .

Malama Pono,

Finally . . . did you get my good side?


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