080317: Campbell Hall this Friday!


Aloha UFOhana,

Reverend Chip has graciously opened the doors to us this Friday. Mahalo Chip! Hope you’re having a great time on the Garden Isle! Run time is 6:30p to 9pm-ish. BYHealthyDish , BYOGear and BYAloha!

Saturday Kanikapila will be at the Galilee Harbor 10a – 12p. A fund raising event for our ‘Ohana who live Makai side. I will be providing (skinny little, easy to carry) Flight Manuals for the event. Same as last year’s but with Ahi Wela Medley added, in case some of you still have it. BYOGear (music stands, wind clips, etc.). Bring Sun Gear also as there may not be enough space on the stage for all of us, folding chairs would be a great idea. I’m thinking it would be more inviting to have more of us in the audience anyway. See below for details on the Maritime Day event . . .

Mahalo Nui Loa to all who participated at the 2017 Napa Valley Porchfest. You all put on such a great performance. I have a feeling we may be back next year. Lee and Miriam Hamilton were such great hosts and appreciated our ‘Ohana and its positive energy.  Once again, I am guilty of that sin . . . pride.

Mahalo to Betty Ann Bruno and the Hula Mai members that made it out to this event. The Hula added a great dimension to the event, so heartwarming to see children and adults dancing along. Carolyn, arigatou for helping make this event possible for us and of course, Mahalo Nui Loa to the Hamiltons for making their porch available and their Hawaiian Hospitality.

Click the image below for photos of the event.

The weather was so good, even the couch potatoes were out . . . on their Lay-Z-Boys!

Mahalo Craig, Linda and Carolyn for the great photos. Btw, the portraits and more were all Craig’s artistic handy work even though my name appears on them. A bug when uploading from his emails.

Click here for last week’s Saturday Kanikapila and here for Friday’s.

Ok, I’ve got to get working on the Skinny Little Flight Manuals for Saturday. I leave you with this image,  courtesy of Wikio Image Werks . . .

The Ukes Are Out There . . .

A final farewell,
Friends left on a sandy shore,
Only Memories . . .

Aloha A Hui Hou,

Jake who?





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