060415: Kanikapila at campbell hall–NO BAREFOOT café SATURDAY


For those of you that did get it from the last post, we’re meeting at Campbell Hall in Sausalito this Friday. Runtime of 6:30p – 9:30p. BYPotLuck, BYGear, you folks know the routine. . . .     Also, we need a Bass Player for this Friday. Email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws if you’re up for it, Mahalo in advance.

Regarding Saturday Kanikapila. Just got call from Tony, the owner of Barefoot, says he was just notified that since there are 8 apartments in their building that they cannot have “Live Music”.  He apologizes for the short notice and sounded very bummed that we were not going to be there. He did recommended that we look into contacting someone at Pancho Villa about using their big patio. He mentioned that the 2p – 4p time was pretty slow for them as well and they should be glad to have us there. Anybody have a contact at Pancho Villa that we can approach?  Btw, we’ll need a Bass Player for Saturday Kanikapila (I’m sure we’ll find a place – There’s always UFO HQ) as well, again email me if you can play for us.

Ok that’s all I have for now.

Mahalo Nui ,


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