Aloha Everyone! Just another reminder about this special Kanikapila tomorrow evening at San Rafael Joe’s on 4th Street, 6:30p – 9:30p. Come on down for yet another fantabulous Ukulele Revival! A yay! Ah know you can walk without that accordian! Feeeeel the healing power of the Ukulele and the UFOhana! The spirit of Aloha commands you! Strummmmmm! Sttttrrrrrummmmm !!!!!  . . .   or just come on by, bring your family, order a great dinner  and sing/strum/hula/tap your feet along.  Sorry about waxing ‘revival’ there for a while, we watched “Leap of Faith” and “The Identical” this weekend and still have them running around in my head.

Mahalo Nui Loa to Paul (What Page?) T. for arranging this one for us.  Mahalo to Wikio, aka Wa’li, aka Wally, aka Wallace for the great poster! Anybody have a large format printer we could print this on for Tuesday night?


Btw, we’ll be back at the Campbell Hall in Sausalito this Friday. Reverend Chip is eager to Kanikapila with us once again, as are we. Usual run time of 6:30p – 9:30p, Pot Luck (pseudo-healthy food requested but not required). Aloha A Hui Hou Brudda/Fadda/Rev. Chip!

Click the following links for photos of last week’s kani at the Elks and the Barefoot Café.  Mahalo Nui to all that attended the Barefoot (‘olohe wāwae) Cafe kanikapila and made it such a fun first event. However, in all the excitement I found out that some of us walked out without paying our tabs or not leaving enough $$$ for our wonderful server Lea. Please do reconcile with Lea sometime this week if you were among the “ones” caught up in the Ukulele Rapture and forgot to pay. Just know that the unpaid tabs comes off Lea’s pay check . . .  remember to Malama Pono (Be good or Make Right). Her kids would appreciate your effort.  Remember we’re there to create and share Aloha, not take it. Mahalo . . .

Ok, Pau for now, spok-u-bom-bye!




    1. It would be a nice gesture if you did. Even if it was just a Coke or Tea or what you can afford. They normally charge a good rental fee for such a big space, it’d be nice if we made it worth their trouble.

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