091114: Kanikapila at the elks this friday . . .


So here I am again, late Thursday night . . . am I the only one up?

Aloha everyone. We’ll be in the Elks Bar this time around. Run time 7p – 10p, BYOGear (lights, music stands, maybe a fan to keep cool in case it gets hot again). Here’s the dinner menu for that night from Brudda Joe Tato:

Join us this Friday for Island Style menu. $10pp. No RSVP required, however we serve til we run out. Dinner served at 6:30p
Pork Adobo
Grilled Chicken
Garden Salad
Stir Fry Veggies

Mahalo Nui to Brudda Joe, Tad, Sarah and the Elks for hosting us this week and for their hospitality.

Last week Saturday we were invited to a Kanikapila at Betty Ann and Craig’s house in Sonoma. Click Betty Ann below for a photo album of that fun event:


Mahalo to Betty Ann and Craig for hosting the event on their beautiful new deck surrounded by Oak trees. The weather was perfect, the food was Ono-licious, the music was just right and the Hula just flowed. It just felt so right uke-ing and hula-ing out doors. All we needed was a beach . . . if squint your eyes you could almost hear the ocean . . . almost.

The Friday night before we were in Sausalito, Campbell Hall, strumming with Rev. Chip, Linda Lee and the UFOhana (click the photo below for an album of that night):


Above: Elaine and Mike’s Family, Matt, Sarah and peeking out behind Sarah Skylar,  Sarah’s boyfriend who survived a near fatal knife attack a few months back in Hilo.  Mahalo Nui Loa Elaine and Mike for sharing you Ohana with us and to Sarah Skylar for the Maile Leis, Kalua Pork and Haupia. What great family!

Don’t forget about our 4th Annual Fundraiser for PIKO, The Hele On Ukulele Competition! Isn’t it about time for you to “Strum Your Stuff” and show the world what you and your Uke can do? Click the entry from below image below to download a form and don’t forget to tell you friends! We will be raffling off a Guitar, Bass/Ukulele Lessons, and a Brand New Ukulele . . .


Click the image below to download / print an entry form . . .


Btw, we can certainly use volunteers for setup and break down, please email Kaleikoa@piko.ws if you’d like to help us out.

Dew glistens on grass,
Jewels of the passing night,
Welcome a new day.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


090314: Kanikapila at the Campbell Hall this Friday…


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOHana! Hope you’ve all had a great Labor Day Holiday. It’s almost Friday! Speaking of which, we’ll be at the Christ Church  Campbell Hall this Friday. Run times 6:30p – 9:30p. Here’s a link for directions http://www.christchurchsausalito.net/location/ . As usual we’re doing a pot luck (BYKauKau). BYOGear (we do have plenty of chairs, but recommend you bring your music gear) and of course BYAloha to share with everyone. Mahalo Nui Loa to Reverend Chip and Linda Lee for Hosting us once again at their beautiful facility. Welcome back Chip. We missed you and can’t wait to see your new Ukulele!

Btw, for those of you interested, we will holding a Kanikapila in Sonoma this Saturday at 3PM. Betty Ann and Craig have offered up their new 2000 square foot deck in their fabulous home in Sonoma as a site for the 1st ever Hula Mai Monthly Kanikapila. We’re hoping to hold it every 2nd Saturday of the month. But for this month only we well be holding it on the 1st Saturday, the 6th of September. Run time is from 3pm till whenever. It’s a Potluck so we ask that you bring some kind of Kau Kau to contribute. Please feel free to pass this onto anyone interested. Also since it will be at their private residence we’re asking that you observer the protocol list below:

UFOProtocolList-Sonoma Kanikapila-1

There will still be a Sleeping Lady Kanikapila run by Rick and crew. So if Sonoma’s a little out of reach for you please do drop by The Lady. Mahalo Nui Loa to Betty Ann and Craig for allowing us into their home.

I’ve been told that many of you haven’t been receiving my email alerts, almost all have been Comcast customers. What we’ve found is that Comcast is tagging my emails as SPAM. This is because of the size of my lists. You may need to check your Junk Mail for my emails and mark the them as “Not Junk”, aka un-SPAM them. This will ‘white list’ me and should allow my emails to pass. If you don’t find anything in your Junk Mail then you may need to contact Comcast Support (or your email provider) and have them whitelist my email which is kaleikoa@piko.ws . In the meantime keep checking back here to keep up on UFOhana happenings and events. I usually update it no later than Thursday afternoon so keep checking in. In fact, this is exactly why we do the blog, because of issues with Comcast’s SPAM filters and the like.

I want to remind everyone again of this worthy cause. Marisa and Charlotte have been working hard in planning and promoting the event. Registration closes September 10th. Register by or before. The price is now $45. Charlotte mentioned that the have room for 75 more participants. Please, help them out if you can . . .

Another fundraising event coming up this September 28th:


Click and Print the entry form below if you’re interested in competing . . .


Finally, here are the Photo Links to this past week’s events:

1. Birthday Luncheon for Charlotte and Del
2. Sleeping Lady Kanikapila
3. Elks Fancy Dinner Night

Light dancing through leaves,
Blissful sunlight warms her face,
A smile greats the day.

Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that made our Birthday Luncheon and our UFOhana so special!

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,


082814: Fancy dinner night at the elks this Friday!


Aloha UFOhana, we’re in the Elks Dining Room (small dining area) this Friday.  If you’re interested in Dinner here’s the menu I sent around yesterday:

From: Joseph Tato [mailto:j_tato@yahoo.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 8:29 PM
To: undisclosed recipients:
Subject: Need RSVP for Friday Night Prime Rib Dinner

If you plan to join us this Friday for Prime Rib or Salmon we need your RSVP by Thursday 5PM.
Our Elk fancy dinner will be served at 6:30PM and 7PM in the dining room (two seating’s).
The UFO’s uke club will play from 7-10PM.
Please RSVP to
elks1108@yahoo.com or 415-454-8835.
$25 pp
Roasted Prime Rib or Pan Seared Salmon (Wild Caught)
Caesar Salad
Garlic Mashed Potatoes Roasted
Roasted Veggies
Vegetarian option available for $15

I know he says to RSVP Thursday but you may try calling anyway as they may have extra dinners anyway.

Also want to remind everyone of this event:

UkuleleJammer02a Anybody remember this guy? He’s the Hele On Uke Boy!
He’ll be back this September 28th at the Second Annual Hele On Ukulele Contest. I hope you’ve all been practicing. Stay tuned for more info next week!

Alright got to go get some sleepy time . . . been another one of those weeks . . .

There’s no time like now,
Quietly sun sets again,
Stars sing to the moon,


Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,


082014: No Kanikapila this Friday . . .


Sorry UFOhana, since we couldn’t schedule a location this week,  we’ve decided to take a break this Friday. We’ll see you all at the Sleeping Lady this Saturday as usual.  In the meantime here are the links (click the collages below) to last week’s Uke Night and Sleeping Lady Albums. Mahalo to Donna and Linda for all the great photos! Also, to Linda Low for sharing her beautiful voice with us.

1-081514 Uke Night Elks Carriage House

Below: Sleeping Lady in full swing. Mahalo to the Flight Crew that carried on will the –=SqL=- was on an away mission!

1-081614 Sleeping Lady

Btw, here’s a fun event for those of you wishing to support a worthy cause. I understand there will be food and maybe even some Ukulele Music as the event!

Earth spins below us,
Clouds fly to the horizon,
Time slows to a strum . . . 

See you all on Saturday!

Aloha A Hui Hou!





Aloooha All!

We’re in the Elks Carriage House this Friday. Run time 7pm – 10pm, BYOKauKau (Pot Luck), BYOGear and BYAloha to share. Btw, if you don’t want to participate in our potluck the Elks will be serving a dinner for $10. Details below:

Our newest chef Justin will be doing this Friday night casual dinner at the bar. Dinner is served at 6:30.
No reservations required
First come first serve basis
$10 per person
See menu below:
Justin’s marinated chicken and Pulled Pork w/ Memphis-style coleslaw
Salad of Romaine w/ carrots, cucumber, and garbanzo beans
Pasta w/ pesto, cherry tomatoes, and feta
Sliced bread

It’s been a busy month of moves for us at home and at work and it’s not over yet. Anyway, I did manage to upload the following to share with you all . . . Enjoy.

Sleeping Lady Kanikapila(s):

clip_image001[24]   clip_image001[22]   clip_image001[11]   clip_image001[9]

Uke Nights:

clip_image001[20]   clip_image001[18]   clip_image001[15]

Galilee Harbor Maritime Fair:


Take Care Everyone!

Aloha A Hui Hou,


080714: Kanikapila at bogie’s café this friday!

Yes, it’s true UFOhana, we’re back at Bogie’s Café (http://www.bogiescafemarin.com/)  this Friday. Run time is 7p – 10p. Michael and Leslie will be offering dinner: Teriyaki Chicken, Rice, small side salad and a dessert for $10. They will also be selling beverages. So all you got to do is bring your Ukulele Gear, your flight manuals, your appetite and your Aloha to share.

Nohea (Linda) and I would like to thank Gary, Michael, Leslie, Sandy, Charlotte, Kini,  Alan Kristal, Mike Rogers and others that helped make our house move possible and a lot easier than doing it on our own. We’re still putting things together but its taking shape and it coming along quite nicely.

Ok, I’ve got to unpack a couple more boxes before bed time . . .

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,


072514: We’re in the elks bar tonight. . .


Aloha All,

Another busy week of moving for Nohea and myself, and this time with no Internet until next Wednesday so I’m posting this quick one while I have Internet access. If you haven’t already RSVP’d your Fancy Dinner, it may not be too late. Btw, you’re not required to purchase a dinner to participate in the Kanikapila.

Hope to back on line late next week. Mahalo Nui to all of you that make our Kanikapila(s) one of the best any where!

Malama Pono,


070814: Kanikapila at the elks lodge this Friday . . .

Aloooooha UFOhana! Sorry for missing last week’s post. It was definitely an action packed week, as some of you may already know. Anyway, thought I’d better get this out sooner than later. We’re in the Elks Bar this Friday. Runtimes 7pm – 10pm. Same setup as before, here’s the menu for Friday Night from Brudda Joe and Brudda Tad.
Joe and Tad’s Lunch Wagon will be serving up the following dishes this Friday….
Huli-huli chicken,
Pork adobo,
Stir Fry Veggies
Rice and Dessert
Dinner starts at 6:30 …$10pp…no RSVPs required, however we serve til it’s gone.
Don’t forget to bring your uke if you plan to jam with the UFO’s 7-10PM

Isn’t cool that Joe mentioned about bringing their Ukuleles? Nice.

Here are images from the past two week’s events. Click on the collages below to view the photo albums. Enjoy . . .
062714: Kanikapila at the Elks . . .

1-062714 Kanikapila Elks Lodge

062814: Hula Mai Ho’ike – Event is opened with a 2 hour Kanikapila by the UFOhana, followed by Hula Mai Ho’ike . . .

1-2014 Hula Mai Ho'ike

2-2014 Hula Mai Ho'ike-001

On the 4th we were off on an Away Mission to the Alano Club FOJ BBQ . . . .

1-070414 Alano Club BBQ

Later that evening Kanikapila at the Elks Carriage House on the 4th:

1-070414 Kanikapila Elks

070514: Away Mission to the Happiest Fair On The Earth . . . Mahalo Donna for all the great photos! Also, Marion would like to extend, on behalf of the Marin Cultural Center, her Mahalo Nui Loa to the UFOhana for a great and well received performance. On behalf of Nohea and Myself, I would like to say that we consider ourselves so blessed to be part of such a wonderful and caring ‘Ohana . . . Me Ke Aloha Pumehana Ka Kou . . . and I am honored to be with you all.

1-2014 UFOhana @ The County Fair

The following day I paid a visit to the Elks Fund Raiser, The Elks Beer Booth, here a scenes of the Booth and my stroll about the Fair. . .

1-070614 Elks Beer Booth

Ok, I’m running out of steam  . . . time to moe moe . . .

Days flow into weeks,
Anxious moments cloud the sky,
Horizon a glow . . .

Malama Pono All!




It’s the EOM and that means you need to RSVP for your Dinner at the BPOElks ASAP! Below is the menu for Friday FDN:
Elks Fancy Dinner Night
Friday, June 27th..Dinner served at 7pm
$25 per person
Grilled Lamb Chops or Wild Caught Salmon
Rosemary Mashed Potatoes
Balsamic Glazed Grilled Veggies
Spring Salad
Rice pudding with Macerated Strawberries

$15 Vegetarian Menu available / $10 Kids Menu available

RSVP Required Please no later than 5pm Thursday, June 26th

RSVP to elks1108@yahoo.com or 415.454.8835 (or Joe Tato: J_tato@yahoo.com)
Sounds delicious!  Btw, all funds from these dinners are used towards Non-profit endeavors by the Elks.

Btw, Sandy I won’t be at Sleeping Lady this Saturday. Though Rick and Kimo will be there running the Kanikapila.  Sandy and I will be in Sonoma playing for the Hula Mai Event (see UFOhana.org for details). We’ll be running a Kanikapila at the Grinstead Amphitheater in the Sonoma Plaza before the event, from 2-4pm.  If you’re in the area or have Ukulele Ohana out that way let them know it. I’m sure this will be a first time public Kanikapila at Grinstead for Sonoma County. It’s mostly shady that time of day but bring a comfy chair, a hat, water, your Flight Manuals, a stand, Uke and lots of Aloha to share with Sonoma County. Not sure if there’s a ordinance limiting the number Ukuleles at a Public Gathering. But, we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully they won’t have to resort to tear gas or tazers . . . anyway, here’s the address:

Grinstead Amphitheater ,Sonoma Plaza, First St. East Sonoma, CA 95487 and their poster below.

Interesting to note the the Mayor of Sonoma actually declared the day of the event as Hula Mai Day. Cool huh! Also note that the event is FREE. I think we need to get a grass roots movement going declaring a day as “Strum and Ukulele Day” . . . . what say ye?  Btw, did I mention the event was FREE?

Ok, I don’t have any photos from last week’s UFOhana Events so I’m sharing these, “Ukulele Sightings” as I call them for your amusement . . .







An Imperial Land Walking Uke? Would make a great Gig Car, though parking one would be a hassle . . .



If Albert was alive today . . . Theory of Relativ(ity) tuning?
And a lefty too!























Who says playing an Ukulele doesn’t build muscles? Ok, maybe lifting them does . . . . I think Jon mentioned that playing one for 30 minutes burns a 120  calories. Hmmmm, I wonder is that was for a Soprano or Baritone?

















Sandy and Del . . . when they were in their “Bad Boys of Uke” phase . . . .














Yes that is my son Lucas on the far left from a few years back. We were down stairs walking around Ala Moana shopping center and heard a group singing, “How Can I get Over”, in falsetto, sounded like we were in Church.  We followed the trail of notes upstairs, ended up near Long’s Drugs, and found the Uncles singing their hearts away. Btw, there were no Rent-A-Cops on Segways chasing them away . . . . something you’d definitely see happen at a Mall near us .  .  . a whim o whey .  .  .

And lastly Jake and the –=SqL=- performing at Yerba Buena Gardens (toot, toot) . . . with the UFOhana . . . all arranged by Stevie B! Mahalo Nui Loa Stevie B where ever you are!


























. . . and finally this very cool link from Jon and Debbie Cyr . . . Amelia (Rose) Earhart 2014 Around the World Flight!
http://photos.mercurynews.com/2014/06/25/photos-pilot-amelia-rose-earhart-arrives-at-north-field-in-oakland-to-begin-flight-around-the-world-2/#1    . . . talk about Life Imitates Art Imitates Life . . .

Mahalo Jon and Debbie for this cool find. I think you’re right, there maybe yet another verse to add her song!

As time slowly crawls,
A glow on the horizon,
Ohana beckons

See you folks Friday! Not sure where we’ll be in the Elks just yet, just check both places. Can’t miss us! Don’t forget to RSVP you dinners by Thursday. Oh, btw, the Hula Mai event this Saturday is Free! Did I mention that already?

Aloha A Hui Hou,


061714: We’re at the Elk’s Carriage House this Friday . . .


Aloooha UFOhana! We’re at the Elk’s Carriage House this Friday. Which means we’ll be doing a pot luck too. Run time 7pm – 10pm. BYOKauKau (Food to Share, a main dish), BYOGear (we’ll have plenty of chairs, but bring music stands, and lights), and of course, BYAloha! For those of you in search of Hawaiian wear and collectibles, Nohea will be there with her goods also.

Below: I want to send this out to all you Hula Fans . . . Betty Ann Bruno and her Halau, Hula Mai, are having a hō.ʻike !  Sandy and I have the honor of performing with the Hula Mai Halau Band at this event AND Betty has invited the UFOhana to Kanikapila at the Grinstead Plaza prior to the event, 2p-4p, that day, so come on down and invite your friends too. Mahalo Betty for sharing this wonderful (FREE) event with us!

2014 Hoike Poster LetterSz for Press

Below are images from this past week’s Ukulele events. Click the collage to view the entire album.

Here’s a gang of Elk(sters) and the UFOhana Squadron having a great time at the Elks Lodge . . . Sophie even joined in that night with Momma Wendy who shared her virtuoso Violin playing with us. Mahalo once again to the Elks for being such gracious hosts to the UFOhana!


Below: The few, brave and proud UFOhana members that braved the traffic and parking nightmare during the Fairfax Festival. Bass Commander Kimo in full regalia.


Below: The Elks Fishing Derby . . . great excuse to throw in a Father’s Day Picnic in too . . .


Below the Whistle Stop Luau where members of the UFOhana performed. Mahalo to Cindy and Sandy for inviting us and to Terumi-san for sharing her wonderful hula.


Okidoki . . . it’s back to work tomorrow and as my son, Lucas, use to say (15 years ago) “only 3 more sleepy times” till Kanikapila!

Orange glow of dusk,
Blue skies becomes indigo,
Moonlight softens night.

Malama Pono Kakou!



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