01.28.15: Kanikapila at UFO HQ this friday . . .

Aloha All,
It’s the 5th Friday of the month, which means we’ll be at UFOhana HQ this Friday. Run time is 7:00pm till whenever . . . BYKaukau (Bring something for Pot luck – like a main dish or healthy Salad), BYGear (We’re probably good for chairs and music stands but remember Murphy’s 5th law – bring it so you won’t need it), BYOBeverage and always BYAloha to share with your ‘Ohana. Email me at Kaleikoa@piko.ws if you need an address / directions to UFOHQ.

Here are the collage links to photos of last week’s Kanikapila at the Elks . . .

1-012315 Elks Kanikapila

Click the collage below for the Sleeping Lady Album for last Saturday . . .

1-012415 Sleeping Lady Kanikapila

Btw, on February 28, we’ll be holding the first (hopefully to become a monthly) UFOhana Kanikapila at the Plaza Bistro in Sonoma. Here’s a link to their website: http://theplazabistro.com/ . Run time will be same as Sleeping Lady, 2pm – 4pm. Please do pass this onto your friends / Ohana up North and encourage them to come join us.  For those of you who can make it that far up North, there should be someone at the Sleeping Lady running the Kani in my absence. Below is a panoramic of the room we’ll be holding the event in. Btw, did I mention they have great food there too?


Once again, mahalo nui loa to all the well wishes and get well soons you folks have been passing onto Nohea and myself. This cold / flu is a stickler but nothing a exercising the lungs by attending a good Kanikapila!

Blended harmonies,
Synchronicity of dance,

Aloha A Hui Hou ka kou!


012115: we’re at the elks this Friday

Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana! Sorry for the late posting all, feeling just a little under the weather but I think I’ll survive.

We’re congregating that the Elks this Friday. Usual runtime time 7pm – 10pm. A dinner will be provided by the Elks for a nominal fee. BYOGear, BYOKaukau. and of course BYAloha to share with everyone. Mahalo to the Elkders for once again hosting the UFOhana.

Mahalo Nui Loa once again to all of you for participating in the Black and White Night at the Elks 2 Fridays prior. We’re so sorry we couldn’t make that one. So much so that we decided to have a White and Black night at UFOHQ. Click the collage below to link to the great photos from that night . . .

1-W&B Night at UFO HQ

Click below for Sleeping Lady images . . . . Welcome back to Bethany!

1-011715 Sleeping Lady Kanikapila

Clouds cling to the earth,
Children of the sky embrace,
Kissed by morning light . . .

Ok, time for another round of cough medicine.

Take Care Everyone, Stay Well,


011415: “W & B” Kanikapila at UFO HQ This Friday!


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana!

Well Linda’s doing much better this week, nothing like a dose of Anti- B’s to improve ones outlook on the New Year. Not to mention make the bronchitis blues go away. Though we’re still grieving Romeo’s loss, it has been softened by all the well wishes and Aloha many of you have shared with us.  Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you . . .

So after seeing all the great outfits we missed from the B&W Hawaiian Formal Kanikapila last Friday we decided that this Friday we would have a “White and Black” (W&B) Hawaiian Formal here at UFOhana HQ.  Kind of backwards hana hou . . . or is that a hou hana? Anyway, we’d love to see you folks again in your great W&B Hawaiian Formals this Friday. Btw, if you need directions to the UFO HQ email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws and I send it your way. Our run times for this Friday are 7pm to till the last strummer falls. BYKauKau (bring a main Pot Luck Dish and/or dessert to share), BYAloha (always!) and we do have chairs and ‘some’ music stands. But in general, remember Murphy’s Law #5, “Bring it so you won’t need it . . . “ otherwise no worries, the UFOhana Universe shall provide. Btw, Linda’s been very busy redecorating the Lanai with a W&B theme. Gorgeous!

Below are the some images from the 9th, Mahalo to Elaine and Wikio for the great photos.

Hey . . . is that Mike at Times Squaaaa . . .  . no way! Has to be another Wikio original.


Click the collage below for photo album . . .


Click below for the Sleeping Lady Kanikapila Album . . . it was great seeing you all again! Good to see Stephanie actually scooting around.


That’s all we have for now . . . hope to see you folks sometime this week . . .

Peering in your heart,
His peaceful soul calms the storm,
One called Romeo . . .


Aloha ʻia Pōpoki Aloha Oe  . . .

Malama Pono All,


010715: B&W Hawaiian Formal at the elks . . .


Aloha All,
We’re at the Elks his Friday, 7p – 10p. In honor of the New Year we’re calling it a Black & White Hawaiian Formal Kanikapila. As you see below we’re asking you wear either Hawaiian or a Formal, just bling it with a little Hawaiian Flair (note Stephanie’s elegant white gown with Gardenias). I know that a couple of our Kane are coming in full Tux!

A Casual Dinner will be made available by the Elks: Big Jim’s BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw and potato salad for $10.


Speaking of Stephanie, please send some healing thoughts and Aloha her way as she recovers from ankle surgery. Malama Pono Stephanie!


1-IMG_5600 1-IMG_5602
1-IMG_5601 1-IMG_5597

Aloha A Hui Hou, Until Friday All!

A spinning blue globe,
Tracing Astral Lines in Space,
Another year past . . .

Hauoli La Hanau Nohea!




. . . sorry all, but Linda’s still not feeling very well so we’ve cancelled this Friday’s Kanikapila. We’ve rescheduled our Black and White / Formal Hawaiian to next Friday, Jan. 9th, at the Elks. I’ll see you folks this Saturday at the Sleeping Lady at the usual time. Much Aloha and Mahalo for being such a great (UF) ‘Ohana!

Hauoli Makahiki Hou e Malama Pono Kakou!


122314: Mele Kalikimaka kā.kou!


From Nohea and Myself we’d like to wish you and your ‘Ohana a Very Merry Christmas! We’re so blessed to have you all in our ‘Ohana and look forward to another fun year together. Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you for your continued support and friendship . . .

And speaking of fun, if you’re not busy on the 26th we’ll be at the Elks Bar this Friday spreading just a little more Christmas Cheer. Usual runtime of 7pm to 10pm. Not sure what the menu is but I’m sure it’ll be something Ono-lisious. BYOG, BYAloha . . . as usual.

Then Saturday, Dec. 27th, we get to do it all over again at the Sleeping Lady, 2p –4p. There’s got to be a law against having so much fun with an Ukulele . . . or not.

Below . . . Christmas Jammies/Ugly Christmas Sweater Friday Night Kanikapila .  .  . click the collage for the photo album .  .  .


Below: Saturday at the Sleeping Lady. It was a special Saturday in that PIKO donated a Bass Guitar and Amp to Lynette Bosey for her Ukulele Class and Award Mark Shen a new Concert (plug in) Ukulele for most promising Keiki Ukulele Students . . .  On behalf the PIKO executive board (Marion, Sandy, Wa’li, Alan and myself) Mahalo to all of you that supported the PIKO Hele On Ukulele Event that made all these Donations and Awards possible.  (Click collage for photo album)

122014 Sleeping Lady Kanikapila

Mahalo to all of the Sleeping Lady ‘Ohana for contributing to Bethany’s Wedding Card.  She’s been such a great help and support of the Sleeping Lady Kanikapila, we wish her and her Fiancé a wonderful future together.

Sweet Nectars of life,
Mingled with images past,
Blossoms of new hope.

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,


121314: Kanikapila at UFOhana HQ this friday . . .

Aloha UFOhana! After another busy weekend of Christmas Cheer and Joy Ukulele Style. We’ve decided to host a “Christmas Pajamas and or Ugly Christmas Sweater Night” here are UFOhana HQ. Linda and I decided that rather than having everyone dress up fancy like for our Christmas Celebration we’d have everyone ‘dress down’ and come in your most comfortable Christmas Themed PJ. We’ll save the fancy dress maybe for New Years? Anyway, if you’re not ‘comfortable’ with PJs, come wearing your Gaudiest/Loudest/Most Interesting/Ugliest Christmas Sweater or maybe even your Nicest? After all if beauty is in the eye of the . . . then where is Ugly in? Btw, Nohea wants to pass on that she’s spotted a good collection of Christmas PJs at our San Rafael Local Goodwill for very reasonable prices. So get them while they’re hot!

If this is your first time attending, email me at kaleikoa@piko.ws and I will send an information sheet out your way. Run time is 7pm to 10/11ish or until the last one drops. BYKauKau (Pot Luck, preferably some kind of main dish), BYOBeverage, BYOGear (music stands, book lights, maybe a chair too, just in case) and always Bring Enough Aloha to share with everyone.

Btw, if you want to receive new postings to this blog in your Email just scroll down to the ‘Subscribe to UFOhana Blog via Email’ section on the left pane, type in your Email and click the Green Subscribe button. You should receive notification via Email that you’ve successfully subscribed to the blog. You may need to follow additional steps to verify that this was in fact your intention to do so.

This Friday was Special Christmas Dinner Night at the Elks Lodge and the UFOhana was asked to Kanikapila there once again  (click collage for album photos). Of course, along with Christmas Carols, we were paid a visit by the “Man in Red” . . . no not Joe!

121214 Elks Christmas Kanikapila

The following morning we were asked to perform that the Fairfax Craft Faire . . .

121314 UFOhana at the Fairfax Craft Faire

Such a great and fun filled Community Event! Mahalo to Jack for allowing us to share in this event. An hour later we were off to the Sleeping Lady and another pack house full of Ukulele Pilots ready for take off! We were once again graced by hula from Hula Mai members of Sonoma County . . . not to mention a first time ever Buckets of Rain Solo from our very own UFOhana Keiki Pilot Mark!

Btw, this Saturday at the Sleeping Lady. My Non-profit, PIKO, will be present Awards and Gifts to Lynette Bosey’s Ukulele Class and to one of her students. Also, we will be circulating a Wedding card for our favorite Bar Tender, Bethany, who will be flying to Alaska for her wedding. We ask that everyone donate a little something to help make her Christmas “Merry and Bright . . . “.

121314 Sleeping Lady Kanikapila

I want to add,  since we’re on the topic of Sleeping Lady, that Eli (sometime Saturday Bartender) is a fantastic musician and is about to release a CD of original compositions. Btw, Eli was our 1st Place Winner, Adult Division, at our 2013 Hele On Ukulele Competition. You can check out Eli at his blog: http://physicalsuicidedeterrentsystemproject.com/ . . . I know . . .  he says it’s pretty heavy duty stuff and not for the feint of heart but very interesting pieces.

Rivers of sadness,
Wash down into placid seas,
Happiness returns  . . .

Stay Dry out there everyone! See you in your PJ’s this Friday!

Aloha A Hui Hou,


120814: We’re at the elks this friday . . .

Aloha UFOhana. We’ll be meeting in the dining area at the Elks. Run time 7p-10p. Special dinner menu is as follows (from Joe Tato and crew):

If you plan to join us this Friday, December 12th at 7PM for our Annual Family Holiday we’ll need your RSVPs by Thursday 5PM.   This is a served dinner please arrive on time.  Reservations are required.  $25 adults/$10 kids

The two menu options are:
1) Smoked Grilled Pork Chop, Potato Cake, Braised Red Cabbage, and Caramelized Apples
2) Panko-Crusted Salmon with Yellow Mole, Stewed Black Beans and Yellow Squash Noodles

Both courses start with a salad and end with a dessert. 

Kids menu:
Grilled Burgers and Fries.

Holiday music by the Ukulele Friends Ohana and a visit from Santa following dinner.  When making your reservation please communicate if you have children joining us (boy or girl and ages).

Please reserve by calling our lodge secretary at 415-454-8835 or email secretary@elks1108.org

Activities Committee
Joe, Tad, Justin, Karin and Del

As usual is BYOGear (music stands, music lights, etc.) and as always BYAloha!

By the way, this Saturday, Dec. 13th, we’ve been invited to perform at the Fairfax Craft-Faire 12p – 1p at the Pavilion. Please be there no later than 11:30a if you’ll be performing with us. If you have them, bring your 2014 Winter Flight Manual from the Mill Valley festival.  After the Fairfax Faire it’s onward to the Sleeping Lady Right.

We had a busy weekend this past week and here are the images to prove it. Just click the collages to view the Albums….

First there was Friday Kanikapila at the UFO HQ:
1-120514 Friday Kanikapila
We were paid a surprise visit by member of Betty Ann Bruno’s Halau, Hula Mai. Making for a full night of Hula and Mele . . .

Second was Sleeping Lady Kanikapila:
1-120614 Sleeping Lady Kanikapila
As if one night of Kanikapila wasn’t enough, we got to do again at the Sleeping Lady . . .

Then onto the Mill Valley Winterfest Tree Lighting Gig:

The Uke Pilots made sure that Mill Valley rocked with Christmas Tunes, Hula, and lots of Aloha. I believe the ‘Ohana was very well received by the Mill Valley-nites. Mahalo Nui Loa to Tucker for introducing Ukulele ‘The Town’ and to all the ‘Ohanas for being the bestest Ukulele Pilots in the Bay Area! Mahalo to Charlotte, Linda, Marion, Leslie and the Ina Kanoe Dancers for their beautiful Hulas.

We’ll that’s enough for now. Hope you’re having a great week and see you folks at the next Kanikapila(s) . . .

Hands move gracefully,
Following movements in time,
Eyes glisten with joy . . .

Malama Pono,


120314: Kanikapila at UFO HQ this Friday


Aloha All,
They are having a special fundraising event at the Campbell Hall this Saturday and need to prep it Friday night. As a result, we’ve moved the Kanikapila to UFO HQ this Friday.  Run time 7pm – the last one stops strumming. BYKaukau (some kind of main dish and/or a dessert), BYOGear (mainly music stands, and a folding chair, just in case) and of course BYOAloha to share with the ‘Ohana.

I sent an email out earlier this week about this. But if you didn’t get it or just don’t have the address and are interested in attending this Friday, send me an email at Kaleikoa@piko.ws .  Keep in mind that I don’t check emails after 4pm Friday as we’re usually prepping for the Kanikapila at that time.

In that same email I also mentioned that we’ve been invited by Tucker to perform with the Ukulele Jubilee at the Mill Valley 2014 Winterfest this Sunday, Dec. 7th. We’ll be performing at the Depot Plaza, 85 Throckmorton Ave. Mill Valley, CA. Performance time is 4:30pm (NOT 4:45 as listed on the their website) to 5:15pm. Please be there by 4:00pm for stage setup. In the email I sent around this week was a PDF of the Flight Manual for the event (for those of you who want to practice before the event).  I will bring printed and bound manuals to the event as well. Btw, don’t forget to bring ‘Wind Clips’ in case it starts to blow. Being it’s Mill Valley and parking is always at a premium, Car Pooling is highly recommend. Also, since we’ll be performing later in the day and it’s Mill Valley so you may want to dress warm and in layers. BYOGear, and remember the UFOhana’s 5th Rule, “Bring it so you won’t need it”. There will be a tented stage, but it is still out doors. Mahalo to Tucker for the invite and to both he and Rick for help with the songs for this event.

THEN . . . . . next Saturday, Dec. 13, we’ve been invited to perform at the Fairfax Pavilion for their Annual Winter Craft Fair. Performance times 12p – 1p, after which we pack up and power down to the Sleeping Lady for more Ukulele Jamming. Please be there no later than 11:30p for stage setup. We’ll probably use the same flight manual from the Mill Valley event . . .

Ok, here are the images from last week. Click the collages below for album access.

Friday Night Kanikapila at the Elks:
1-112814 Kanikapila at the Elks

Sleeping Lady Kanikapila:

1-112914 Sleeping Lady Kanikapila

There are more events coming down the pipe so keep checking back here for details . . .

Clouds heavy with rain,
Azure blue pierce the darkness,
A Rainbow’s promise.

Malama Pono All,


112614: Kanikapila at the elks this Friday


Hau’oli La Ho’omakika’i UFOhana! Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving and quality time with your ‘Ohana.

We’ll be gathering at the Elks this Friday. Usual start and end time of 7p – 10p. Not sure what’s on the menu just yet. But Joe Tato says it’ll probably be, “Anything but Turkey”. BYOGear and BYAloha of course. Mahalo once again to the Elks for Hosting us!

It was a full weekend of UFOhana events last week. Click on collages below to view albums of the events.

Below: Last week’s Friday Night Kanikapila at UFOhana HQ . . .

1-112114 Friday Kanikapila

Saturday was the SOSL (Support Our Sleeping Lady) Kanikapila. Mahalo to all of you and to Betty Ann Bruno from bringing her Halau to help support and sharing your Aloha at the Sleeping Lady Fund Raiser…

1-112214 Sleeping Lady KanikapilaFund Raiser

Sunday was the Elks Thanksgiving Dinner and Blue Star Moms events…


That does it for now. Wish you all a great time your families and hope to see you at the Elks this Friday.

Mahalo Nui,
Words of great thanks from beyond,
Shared with ‘Ohana . . .

From Nohea and myself. We give thanks to Akua for our wonderful UFOhana and our friends at the Elks and Sleeping Lady.

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,


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