Sorry for the late notice everyone, it’s been another one of ‘those’ weeks! It’s fancy dinner night at the Elks this Friday and we’ll be there from 7pm – 10pm. See below for details…I’m hoping it’s still not too late to RSVP.

July 31st Elks Fancy Night Dinner

“MMMMM Yummy!”

ELKS FANCY DINNER Friday, July 31st Bar Opens at 5pm Dinner Served in Dining Room at 6:45 Menu Grilled Pork Chops or Fish Grilled Summer Veggies Saffron Rice Garden Salad Dessert $20 per person RSVP Required no later than Wednesday, July 29th RSVP to 415.454.8835 or RSVP@elks1108.org

Also, this Saturday we’ve been invited to perform at the fund raising event below. Bring your Flight Manuals, music stand, and wind clips. We are playing from 11am – 12pm. Be there by 10:30am for setup and sound check. Donna will be providing food vouchers for all who perform. Mahalo Donna and Joe!

After Maritime Day, we’ll meet up at Pancho Villa’s for our usual Saturday Kanikapila.

Maritime Day w UFOs

Below, Friday Kanikapila at UFO HQ . . . (click collage for access to album) . . .

1-072415 Kanikapila UFO HQ

Below, Saturday Kanikapila at the San Rafael Joe’s on 4th Street . . .

1-072515 Kanikapila San Rafael Joe's

Ok, back to work . . . see you folks at the Elks this Friday. Again, sorry for the late notice.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Meaningless Haiku





Hello All,

Hope this finds you all well. I’m fighting a summer cold but sleeping all afternoon has definitely helped.

We’re at the UFOHQ this Friday. Run time 7p – ??p, BYPotLuck, BYGear (Music Stand and maybe a chair) and don’t forget to bring some extra Aloha to share with your Ohana.

Saturday Kanikapila will be at the San Rafael Joe’s on 4th street. We’ll be in meeting room right next door. Run time 2p-4p, BYOGear and BYO$$$ as you may want to consider having a meal at Joe’s. The foods great and it’s a good show of support to our Hosts!

Also this Saturday, I’m holding an Ukulele Workshop at UFOHQ, 10a-12p. We’ll be concentrating on solo techniques for some of our favorite songs, chord embellishments, moveable chord concepts, and strumming techniques. Recommended for beginning Intermediate, but always open to anyone willing to learn, cost is $15. Bring your flight manuals!

Speaking of Saturdays, I want to thank the JCC Away Team for a great “Lobby Band” performance last Saturday at the JCC Hapa Concert. You may already have heard that Linda Bolt, the special events director, says we were very well received by the audience. Below are images from that event (click image to access online Album) . . .

1-071815 UFOhana at the JCC Hapa Concert

Couple hours before, were at Pancho Villa’s:

1-071815 Kanikapila Pancho Villa's

Last Friday at UFO HQ:

1-071715 Kanikapila UFOHQ

Another great weekend on the horizon. <cough>, <cough>, <wheeez> Take Care All!

A warm wave of sound,
An endless ripple of joy,
Winds of Aloha.

Aloha Nui Loa,
   “What’s for Lunch?”


071415: Kanikapila at UFOHQ this and next fridays


Aloha UFOhana Pilots,
It’s  looooong week and we’re on our way to yet another Kanikapila Friday. Which we’ll be holding at the UFO HQ this and next week Friday. We’re going to start this one a little earlier this time, 7pm instead of 7:30pm, same end time as usual . . . till the last strummer falls. BY’aina ahiahi (Dinner/Potluck, something sort of healthy), BYGear (music stands and maybe chairs) and of course BYAloha.

Saturday, we’ll be back at Pancho Villa’s. Usual start time of 2pm but we may end a littler early, 3:30p because of commitments that afternoon.  Mahalo to Kelly and the PV Crew for hosting us once again.

Below are images from last week’s Kanikapilas, click on the collages to access online albums. Mahalo Elks for another great Friday night!

Elks Images, Mahalo Donna for the images . . .

1-071015 Elks Kanikapila

Pancho Villa Images, Mahalo Linda for the pictures . . .

1-071115 Pancho Villa's Kanikapila

See you folks Friday!

Evening falls gently,
Sky blushes pink and orange,
Winds laps on the tide.


“Bachelorette’s on tonight . . . meow”


070812: We’re @ Da Elks this Friday & the 31st


Aloha All,

Got the schedule from Joe Tato for our Elks Kanikapila this week and for the 31st. Same run times 7p – 10p. Please make note of the menus below and RSVP requirements. Mahalo Joe and the Elks for their continue generosity and Aloha.

July 10
Casual Dinner (Buffet) $12
No RSVP required
Ukes in the Bar
Pork Adobo
Shoyu Chicken

July 31st
Elk Fancy Dinner 6:45PM (served) $20 pp,
RSVPs required by Wednesday 29th
Grilled Pork Chops or Fish
Grilled Summer Veggies
Saffron Rice
Garden Salad

I also want to thank all of you that participated in the County Fair UFOhana Abduction this year. It was our biggest away team yet! Over 55 Ukulele Pilots Strumming on stage and in the audience and that was just counting the ones I recognized. There were even more unknown pilots in the audience that I didn’t recognize. Mahalo Nui to Betty Ann Bruno and the Hula Mai Babes for their wonderful Koke’e and to Auntie Ku’uipo for her “Lovely Hula Hands”. Mahalo Dena for bringing Auntie up from San Diego to be with us. Mahalo Marion for making possible the honor of performing at the County Fair. Please thank Steve and Jack, the sound engineers, for taking such good care of us. Mahalo Donna, Linda and all that donated these wonderful photos (click collage to access photo album).

2015-07-05 UFOs At Marin County Fair

So before all this funning around, we were at Pancho Villa’s doing our own 4th of July Fiesta . . . Mahalo Nui Loa to Kelly Medina and her crew for hosting us once again. Thanks to all of you that heeded her request not to park in her lot and helped support Pancho Villa.


. . . and before that we started all this at the Campbell Hall in Sausalito! Mahalo Chip and Linda for hosting us and starting this weekend long Ukulele Binge!


And so here we are, approaching the end of another week . . . inhale deeply, hold,  and breeeeeeath  . . .  aaaaaaaahhhhh . . . .

Surge of melodies,
Beautiful blend of music,
Sweetened by Hula .


           r-r-r-r-rowr-r-r-r-r- baby


070115: UFOs Invade The County Fair!


Attention All UFOhana Pilots!
2015 Song Book Cover

Mahalo to Wally for the great poster!

Just a reminder about this Sunday. I’m working on a Flight Manual for the event so you won’t need your Flight Manuals.  Do bring music stands if you got them. Keep in mind, that because of our number (50 Pilots This Year!) I recommend at least 2 players to a music stand. Bring wind clips for your flight manual. We’ll probably need to do 3 rows of pilots too. I was looking at past years photos and thinking, I’d like the taller pilots in the back so that the shorter ones will be visible in the photos this year. Tall Pilots, please Malama Pono our vertically challenged Pilots!

Also, I’d like to have  few volunteers to play among the audience, what I call our Sleeper Cell Pilots. Cindy R. has volunteered and if anyone else is willing please let me know. We did this last year and it seemed to work pretty nicely with the audience. They appeared pleasantly surprised. Please do encourage your friends in the audience to bring their Ukuleles if they have them. I’ll print a few extra books for the audience.

The set list is nothing you don’t already know. Mostly Hula because we are lucky  to have so many dancers this year, Betty Ann Bruno’s Hula Mai will be flying in from Sonoma, Aunty Ku’uipo (our 96 year old Hula Dancer) from San Diego, Susan Rogin, Charlotte and her Hula Hui. We’re doing a 30 minute set this year, little shorter than last, so I don’t know if we’ll have enough time for all the dancers but we’ll do our best. Songs are Jam Da Island, Koke’e, Lovely Hula Hands (slower for Aunty Ku’uipo), Buckets of Rain, Pretty Red Hibiscus, Ka’ Uluwehi, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Pretty Much in that order (remember this is always subject to change).

Once again, play time is only 30 minutes this year so we’ll need to SETUP VERY QUICKLY to maximize our Strum Time. The sooner we get setup the sooner we play. I played with the Lynwood Elementary Ukulele Academy yesterday (see photos below). They were allotted a 30 minute time slot, but because of the Talent Show running 30 minutes over,  we were chopped down to 20 minutes and that included setup time! We were lucky to get 3 songs in, but in spite of this they had a great time. Lynnette has created something very special with her keiki . . .

So to speed things up I’d recommend setting up your music stand before you go on stage, clip your flight manuals on the music stand, tune your ukulele before you get on stage, pack everything you don’t need in your gear bags (before you get on stage), put your bags against the back wall and line up in the rows according to height. Front row is reserved for the Senior Flight Crew (Rick, Sandy, Joe, Elaine, Mike,  Kimo, Tucker, Barb, Susan. . . i.e. the usual suspects).

We are bringing the admission tickets to Friday and Saturday Kanikapilas, if you can’t make those pickup times call Linda at 415-870-9969, or email me, to arrange for pickup. Also, if you cannot make the event and have rsvp’d for a ticket please let me know ASAP so I can pass the ticket on. We do have a pretty long Wait List as there were just too many of us to get tickets for everyone. Please be sure to express your Mahalos to Marion Boyd, Deputy Director of the Marin Cultural and Visitor Services(also a long standing UFOhana Member) and her crew for making this possible for us once again.

Btw, please dress Hawaiian

Below, photos from the Lynwood Elementary Ukulele Academy performance (40 Jr, Ukulele Pilots). That’s their Principal Mr. V in the blue cap . . .







That should do it for now. Please email or phone or text or post to the blog if you have any questions.

Aloha  A Hui Hou,


062915: This Saturday we’re at pancho Villa’s!


old paper or parchment

Hola UFOhana Revolutionaries!

We’ll be at Pancho Villa’s this Saturday, July 4th, 2 – 4PM. Mahalo Nui Loa to Kelly Medina and her crew for hosting us once again. Also, she’s asking us to NOT park in her parking lot and NOT to park in the residential areas behind her restaurant either. We want to be good to her neighbors. Of course don’t even think of parking at the Good Earth. It’s anyone’s guess where your car might end up. I hear there’s parking up and down Sir Francis Drake. So head the warning sign below . . .


Also don’t forget to pick up your Fair Ticket if you’ll be participating in the County Fair. They’ll be available at UFOHQ, just call us at 415-870-9969 to arrange a pickup. If not, email me at kaleaikoa@piko.ws to make other arrangements.

Mucho Gracios Wally for the great graphics!

Adiós todos,
Delfin De La Cruz Medina Junior
(aka SqL)


062815: We’re at Campbell Hall this Friday


Aloha Ahi Ahi All,
We’re meeting at the beautiful Campbell Hall this Friday the 3rd. Mahalo Nui Loa Reverend Chip and Linda Lee for hosting us once again. Run time is 6:30pm to 9:30pm. BYPotLuck, BYOGear . . . . well I’m sure most of you know the routine by now.

Another action packed weekend. Though we didn’t have a Kanikapila Friday night, we did have a very busy Saturday as you can see below (click collages to access photo albums) . . .

Starting with the Sonoma Kanikapli:1-062715 Sonoma Kanikapila
Mahalo Nui Loa to the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club for hosting us. It was a great time for all. Then is was time to zoom back out to San Rafael Elks Lodge that evening for . . .  Joe’s Home Coming celebration:
1-062715 Joe Tato's Home Coming
Congratulations to Joe Tato and the Elks on their achievements and for allowing the UFOhana to participate in the celebration.

For those of you interested in dressing up your hair a little . . . below are some of  Nohea’s Papalei Pua (Flower hair pieces) latest creations . . .
2-Nohea's Papalei Pua

Regarding those of you who RSVP’d for the County Fair Performance, I will be picking up tickets this Monday. They will be available for pickup at the UFOHQ give us a call 415-870-9969 between the hours of 10a –5p or email me if you want to arrange a pickup elsewhere. We’ll be performing July 5th at the 3 Twins State, 2:30p – 3:00p.

Clouds dance in the sky,
Warm winds singing through the trees,
Cool songs from the heart.

Had a great week everyone. See you  all this Friday.

Aloha A Hui Hou,



062215: Friday Kanikapila Moved To Saturday . . .


Aloha UFOhana,
As I mentioned last week, we’re moving our Friday Kanikapila (for just this week only) to Saturday evening  .  .  .  see below for details:

Moving our June 26th Fancy Dinner Night Kanikapila to Saturday the 27th.
It’s a kind of an important night honoring Joe Tato, who’s been elected State VP for our Elk’s District, at an Elks event called a “Homecoming”. Joe has been traveling to other Elks Lodges, performing audits,  throughout the US. The 27th marks the end of his trips, hence the “Homecoming”. I understand that there will be visiting Elks dignitaries that night as well.

Social Hour starts at 5pm (spam musubi pupus). Dinner at 6pm. Menu is as follows:
Appetizers to Start. Main course: Huli Huli Chicken or Red Snapper, Shoyu Butter Shiitake Sauce. Cost $15. We’ll probably start playing around 6:45pm,  just enough time for most of us to get back from Sonoma . . .

Please RSVP as soon as possible with secretary@elks1108.org IF YOU WILL BE ATTENDING JUST TO KANIKAPILA, AND/OR IF YOU WILL BE PURCHASING A DINNER. Joe is also asking for a head count even if you won’t be having dinner. He want’s to make sure there are enough tables and chairs put out  to accommodate all of us. Again, please email secretary@elks1108.org , or Tad Inouye  at tadinouye@gmail.com or me at kaleikoa@piko.ws .

Mahalo Nui Loa to the San Rafael Elks for allowing us to participate in this important Elks event and congratulations to Joe Tato on his election and achievements.

Here are the images from last Fridays Kanikapila at UFOHQ . . . click the collages to access the photo album . . .

You’ll see from the Album that there was no shortage of Hula this past Friday. Mahalo Nui to all the dancers for sharing their beautiful dances with us. Also, take note of Nohea’s beautiful hair pieces (on sale now at a UFO HQ near you)!

1-061915 UFOHQ Kanikapila

Here are images from Hula Mai’s 2015 Ho’oike  where Mary, Sandy, Kimo Kanahele and myself participated as band members . . . Mahalo to Betty Ann Bruno for allowing us to share in this wonderful event. The Mayor of Sonoma even blew the Pu (Conch Shell) for the opening!


Saturday Kanikapila, June 27th, we’re meeting at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club, 2p – 4p. Mahalo Nui to the SVWC for hosting us once again! As you can see we’ve got a double helping of Kanikapila on Saturday, 1st at the SVWC and then at the Elks. I hope to see you at one or maybe even both!

Hearts beating as one,
Halau dancing for pure joy,
Aloha to all.

OK, DON’T FORGET TO RSVP FOR FRIDAY NIGHT IF YOU WILL BE ATTENDING AND WHETHER OR NOT YOU’LL BE NEEDING A DINNER!  The Elks need a head count for seating and for planning for dinner. Mahalo.



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