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110414: We’re at campbell Hall this Friday . . .

Aloha Folks! We’re back on schedule this month with the Campbell Hall this Friday. Located in beautiful Sausalito. Here’s a link to their location:    Run time 6:30p to 9:30p. BYOGear (music stands, a book light and good flash light!),  BYKaukau to share (Potluck – a healthy main dish/dessert), and always bring lots of Aloha to share with everyone. Mahalo Chip and Linda for hosting the UFOhana once again and for keeping the doors open for us.

I also want to thank all of those that participated in the Health and Humans Services HHS INFO FAIR this last week. Our director,  Larry Meredith, sent an email to everyone in our  department saying . . . well better you read it yourself below . . .

HHS All,
What a welcoming, upbeat, engaging and informative Information Fair. And the energy and good feelings were off the charts!
I want to thank all of you –over 350– who were able to attend, especially all of you in your costumes, for making this the HHS event of the year.
Special thanks go out to–

*the Planning Committee who took a rough concept and translated it into such a fun learning experience;

*the  UFOhana (Ukulele Friends ‘Ohana ) who are simple “out of this world” and filled the hall with music and joy, and transformed the Connection Center to a beach party somewhere in Hawaii;

*the creative set designers from each program or service who created such wonderful booths and games to illustrate their services.
And finally, I want to acknowledge the special efforts and talents  of Cio, Chris and Erin who infused the vision with fun, creativity and energy…and were everywhere making it happen.

Another win for Team HHS.
Larry Meredith, Ph.D., Director
Department of Health & Human Services
Marin County
20 N. San Pedro Road
San Rafael, CA 94903

I also got other Mahalos from people who participated in our “Free Hula Lesson” and we’re really amazed at the joy there was in  Hula.

Click the image below to view the photo albums from the various events. Starting with the HHS INFO Fair:

1-2014 HHS Info Fair

Then there was “Come As You Aren’t Kanikapila Night” at the UFO HQ . . .


. . . and finally Sleeping Lady Kanikapila . . . Mahalo Nui Loa to the Haole Boyz and Rick for keeping the strumming going during my Sick Leave at the Sleeping Lady!


Darkness comes early,
Leaves shudder and floats earthward,
Tears fall from Heaven.

Ok, it’s beddy bye time,  we’ll see you folks at Campbell and hopefully Sleeping Lady also.

Take Care and Stay Warm All!

Aloha A Hui Hou,


10.28.14: Kanikapila at UFO HQ . . .


. . . check your email for details or leave a message on the blog requesting details . . .

For those of you needing inspiration for this Friday, here are some images from the net . . . think along the lines of:


     “My Ghost Has Fleas?”



“Spook-A-Le-Le Lady”

“Night of the Strumming Ukes?”  – Refrains! Must have Refrains!

OK, now that you have Ukes on your mind . . . I think you folks get the idea . . .

Fragments from a thought,
Images of tomorrow,
Sun rises  skyward,

Aloha A Hui Hou,


102114: Kanikapila at the carriage house this friday . . .


Aloha All. We’re in the Elks Carriage House this Friday. Same run time 7pm to 10pm as usual, BYOGear, chairs will be provided. However, instead of a pot luck, dinner will be available at the Elks Oktoberfest Fund Raiser. See below for details, make sure you RSVP ASAP! Btw, do feel free to bring desserts to the Carriage House for after dinner if you like.

Friday October 24th

It’s almost here! A family event with good friends, lots of food, music, laughter and games.
Proceeds will be donated to the Elks National Foundation (ENF)

Dinner + Commemorative “Bottomless Stein” for $35

Bottomless Stein includes all-you-can-drink beer from the designated kegs until supplies run dry!

Dinner Only for $20 (Kids $7)
Bring your appetite for delicious Brats, Potato Salad, Soup, Sauerkraut & Apple Streusel
Join in for songs and games for adults & kids
Polka Dance Contest * Stein-Holding Endurance Contest
Musical Chairs * Apple Bobbing * Pretzel Making
RSVP by October  22nd  and make your reservation with the Secretary, or call 454-8835.

And speaking of October Festivals, I want to extend a sincere Mahalo Nui Loa to the UFOhana Away Team that participated in the Sharktober Festival  this past Saturday.  David McGuire was very thankful and said that having the ‘Ohana there ‘made the event a festival’. He estimated that that 500+ were in attendance (5x more than last year). Click the collages below to view the various event album(s).


By the way, for those of you interested trying out Hawaiian Style Canoe Paddling (besides the Hula – In A Canoe),Tamalpias Outrigger Canoe Club is sponsoring the following:

Tamalpais OCC New Paddler’s Day 2014!

Saturday, October 25 at 9:00am in UTC-10

Fort Baker, Sausalito, California 94966
Look forward to doing more event with you.
Chris Winn

Below the Friday Kanikapila at Bogie’s Café, Mahalo to Leslie and Mike for hosting the ‘Ohana!


A week before that we were at the Sonoma Kanikapila . . .

1-101114 Sonoma Kanikapila

Right after that we zoomed out to the Elks for a Saturday Night Kanikapila . . . .

1-101114 Elks Saturday Kanikapila

Also, there is no Sleeping Lady Kanikapila this Saturday. We’ll be back on schedule November 1st.

Have a great week all!

Dance of ancient times,
Chants from a past culture lives,
Relived by the few . . .

Aloha A Hui Hou,


10.16.14: Kanikapila at Bogie’s Café this friday!


Aloha All,
Leslie and Michael has opened up Bogie’s Café to the ‘Ohana for this Friday. Run time is from 7p – 10p. BYOGear, chairs will be provided and BYKaukau (It’s Pot Luck so do bring a main dish to share) and don’t forget to bring some Aloha too! Mahaaaaaalo Leslie and Michael!

I want to remind everyone that I won’t be at Sleeping Lady this Saturday once again because of Sharktoberfest (below). We have a Flight Crew assembling there so do feel free to come and join in if your so inclined.  Start time is 11am, so try and be there no later than 10:30a if you’ll be participating.

As for Saturday, I’m sure there will be someone at Sleeping Lady this Saturday to carry on the strumming.  Also,  I was also told that they are having an event on October 25th at Sleeping Lady,  so no Ukulele Ohana that day either. We should be back on track Nov 1 for our SL Kanikapilas.

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes during my recovery. I’m sure that contributed to my speedy recovery!

The Darkness descends,
Sun rays challenging the night,
Moon bids aloha . . .

Take Care Everyone!



10.06.14: Friday Kanikapila moved to Saturday . . .


Aloha UFOhana, still in recovery  mode, but feeling better everyday. I should be well enough to Kanikapila by the end of this week. I want thank you all for the get well wishes, wonderful cards (included a hilarious Hula eCard from Tucker and Babara).  Being part of a wonderful group like the UFOhana just makes one want to hurry up and ‘get better’!

Unfortunately, this Saturday I won’t be attending the Sleeping Lady Kanikapila because of our monthly Sonoma Kanikapila. Brudda Ted and Da’ Haole Boyz will be running the Kani at Sleeping Lady. You folks will be in good strums, uh, hands. Here’s a video of them at the recent Hele On Ukulele Event: . Mahalo Wallace for the vid-link and all your Kokua that day and to the Haole Boyz for keeping the Spirit of Kanikapila alive in Fairfax.

Back to our Friday Night Kanikapila moving to Saturday . . . Joe Tato has invited the UFOhana to a special “Homecoming Event” for District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Robyn Sembenini. The event details are listed below:

Join us for a celebration marking the end of Robyn’s Official Visitations to each of the 10 lodges in the Great Northwest District. Robyn, her Esquire – Randall Logan PER (Past Exalted Ruler) Petaluma and Auditor – Sandra Gowan (PER Vacaville) will have visited, inspected and reported on each lodge. This is a party that is open to members of all lodges. It is a relaxed gathering and a time to have fun.  Being from Hawai’i Robyn is having a “Local-style Pau Hana Pa’ina” That means its a casual gathering of friends with music and food to mark the end of the work week. There will be local style food, some hula and music. Bring your instruments – ukulele, guitars,  etc.

Saturday Oct. 11th
Cocktails at 5:00 PM
Dinner at 6:00 PM
Hula and music after dinner
$25 adults/ $12 kids.

MENU: Garden salad with papaya seed dressing, kalua pork, ginger-crusted snapper, pineapple chicken,  Stir-fried veggies, sweet potatoes, rice & dessert

Note: we will have BBQ oysters for sale as a fundraiser for the  ENF (Elks National Foundation Scholarships)
Mark your calendar, and make your reservation with the Secretary by October 8th, Wednesday!

Btw, Joe is asking that you RSVP for both Dinner and if you will be attending so they know how many tables to setup. Thought then menu isn’t quite ready yet I’m sure that Joe has an Ono-licious dish in the works. RSVP one now!

l hope to be back from Sonoma by 6pm which should give us enough time to setup and get going it going by 7pm-ish.  Hope to see you folks there! Don’t forget to RSVP if you will be attending and/or joining us for Dinner.

Hele On Ukulele 2014:

1-2014-09-28 Hele On Ukulele 2014

As you can see from above, a  great time was had by all at the Hele On Ukulele contest held on 9/28. Click this link, Hele On Ukulele 2014  to view some the great photos by Mark, Nohea and myself. Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that supported, participated and assisted PIKO in this fundraiser. A special Mahalo to the San Rafael Elks for providing PIKO with such a beautiful venue. We really couldn’t have done it without you all.

Along with the wonderful Ukulele performances and witnessing the pure joy of the Keiki participating in all the events, perhaps one of the most heart warming news I heard was from one of the participants. From her experience at the event, she was so inspired that she’s decided to include the Ukulele in her school music program,  right here in San Rafael. Which means we may end up with more Keiki participants next year, how exciting! The seeds have been planted . . . somewhere over the rainbow . . .

Mahalo Waiwai for the great video!


Rick Pruett and Breigh (she’s the one modeling the beautiful red Mamos dresses). Along with being a great Ukulele Player, Rick is also an author and has written a mystery novel about Hawaii. His press release below:

CONTACT:  Rick Pruett, 415-426-9080


cover low res jpg

“Set on the streets of Oahu and the white sand beaches of Waikiki, a local man’s quest to solve a mystery of Hawaiian antiquity, leads him on a journey of murder and mayhem.”

HONOLULU, Hawaii, Nov.12— Local musician and award winning athlete Rick Pruett will debut his mystery  novel “Aloha Kahuna Soul” November 12, 2014, as part of RhythMantra Publishing’s Grand opening. He is planning a Jawaiian Jam party which will feature local Reggae and Hawaiian inspired artists.

Pruett, a San Francisco bay area based musician and former USATF Masters track and field All American, has been working toward publication for five years while coaching/ mentoring at-risk youth.  In addition, he is working as a injury rehabilitation consultant and has published a quick reference guide

“PAIN STOP NOW,” to help people who suffer from chronic pain.

Haunted by a chance meeting with a Kahuna, Alika Kealoha realizes the Hawaiian priest is a connection to the seafaring warriors of his ancestral past and the key to solving the mystery of his father’s disappearance. His investigation uncovers a secret, protected for hundreds of years by a Royal bloodline. Now pursued by murderous thugs, the tropical paradise he loves has turned into a nightmarish maze of betrayal and deceit. Alika finds solace and protection in a crew of locals, whose Mana leads him into a realm of unforeseen consequences. The results are devastating, unleashing a wave of retribution as powerful as a tsunami.

Rick Pruett is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings

Along with the release of his novel he’s also ‘releasing’ a beautiful Martin Tenor Ukulele to the ‘Wild’, i.e. For Sale:

Martin-w-c    Martin body  Martin head    Martin-back

Contact or call him at the phone number above, for details about his book and/or  the Martin Ukulele.

UFOhana at the Shark-tober Fest

For those of you into Oktoberfest, here’s a little something different. Brudda David McGuire, one of the first members of the UFOhana, has invited the UFOhana to perform at the Sharktober Festival next week Saturday the 18th. It’s a Fund/ Awareness-Raiser  for and about the Sharks and the vital role they play in our ecosystem. Please email me at if you want to join in with the UFOhana (we’re the ‘Live Music’ part in the poster below). For those of you who participated in the World Oceans Day event, he guarantees that his event will be a lot more ‘busier’ than WOD. Please pass this onto your friends and ‘Ohana and help SOS (Save the Sharks)!

Btw, if you are participating you may want to car pool because of parking and get there no later than 10:30am for setup, we start at 11am. BYOGear, BYOWater, and of course BYAloha!

Below a map of the performance location (Gulf of the Farallones, circled) and parking areas (starred) ….

Sharktoberfest Parking Map-2014

Ok, that’s all I have for now. Hope to see you all this Saturday! Malama Pono All!

Yellow Moon Rising,
Stars against Indigo sky,
Sun bids Aloha . . .

Aloha A Hui Hou,


092314: Kanikapila at the elks Bar this Friday


Aloha UFOhana Pilots. Hope you all had a great break last week. It’s fancy dinner night this Friday and here’s the menu from Joe Tato (not Tate!) :

Need dinner reservation ASAP for Friday Night Elk Fancy Dinner/Ukes. Dinner will be served at 6:45
$25 pp Includes –
Garden Salad
Grilled Lamb Chops or Grilled Fish
Grilled Vegetables
Persian Rice

$15 pp for Vegetarian Plate

Please email Joe Tato at with your dinner request. Mahalo once again to the Elks for hosting the UFOhana.

Once again I’d like to remind everyone of Hele On Ukulele this Sunday:



We still have some slots open for competition so please don’t hesitate to email or fax me the forms. If want to take your chances, you’re also welcome to sign up on the 28th and we will enter you on a first come basis.

Also, if you would like to participate as a vendor at the enter please send me an email at . There no charge for the space, we can provide you with a table and a couple chairs, but you need to provide your own shade system (aka tent).  All we ask is at the end of the day if you’re feeling good about it, donate a little something to PIKO.

Btw, more on the topic of blocked emails for you Ohana members out there. If you want to start receiving emails from me again call the Comcast Security Assurance Department at 888-565-4329 and tell them you want emails from UNBLOCKED. I found out that Comcast’s anti SPAM filter is so aggressive it will block any emails that appear to be SPAM-like from ever reaching your In Box.  Which is why many of you report not seeing any of my emails even in your Junk Mail folder. Apparently there are numerous reports about Comcast blocking legitimate emails out on the internet . . . Kind of like Guilty until proven Innocent.

In the meantime please keep checking back here for updates and notices and don’t forget about Hele On!

Time waits for no one,
One life but many moments ,
And so we move on . . .

Aloha A Hui Hou,


091114: Kanikapila at the elks this friday . . .


So here I am again, late Thursday night . . . am I the only one up?

Aloha everyone. We’ll be in the Elks Bar this time around. Run time 7p – 10p, BYOGear (lights, music stands, maybe a fan to keep cool in case it gets hot again). Here’s the dinner menu for that night from Brudda Joe Tato:

Join us this Friday for Island Style menu. $10pp. No RSVP required, however we serve til we run out. Dinner served at 6:30p
Pork Adobo
Grilled Chicken
Garden Salad
Stir Fry Veggies

Mahalo Nui to Brudda Joe, Tad, Sarah and the Elks for hosting us this week and for their hospitality.

Last week Saturday we were invited to a Kanikapila at Betty Ann and Craig’s house in Sonoma. Click Betty Ann below for a photo album of that fun event:


Mahalo to Betty Ann and Craig for hosting the event on their beautiful new deck surrounded by Oak trees. The weather was perfect, the food was Ono-licious, the music was just right and the Hula just flowed. It just felt so right uke-ing and hula-ing out doors. All we needed was a beach . . . if squint your eyes you could almost hear the ocean . . . almost.

The Friday night before we were in Sausalito, Campbell Hall, strumming with Rev. Chip, Linda Lee and the UFOhana (click the photo below for an album of that night):


Above: Elaine and Mike’s Family, Matt, Sarah and peeking out behind Sarah Skylar,  Sarah’s boyfriend who survived a near fatal knife attack a few months back in Hilo.  Mahalo Nui Loa Elaine and Mike for sharing you Ohana with us and to Sarah Skylar for the Maile Leis, Kalua Pork and Haupia. What great family!

Don’t forget about our 4th Annual Fundraiser for PIKO, The Hele On Ukulele Competition! Isn’t it about time for you to “Strum Your Stuff” and show the world what you and your Uke can do? Click the entry from below image below to download a form and don’t forget to tell you friends! We will be raffling off a Guitar, Bass/Ukulele Lessons, and a Brand New Ukulele . . .


Click the image below to download / print an entry form . . .


Btw, we can certainly use volunteers for setup and break down, please email if you’d like to help us out.

Dew glistens on grass,
Jewels of the passing night,
Welcome a new day.

Aloha A Hui Hou,


090314: Kanikapila at the Campbell Hall this Friday…


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOHana! Hope you’ve all had a great Labor Day Holiday. It’s almost Friday! Speaking of which, we’ll be at the Christ Church  Campbell Hall this Friday. Run times 6:30p – 9:30p. Here’s a link for directions . As usual we’re doing a pot luck (BYKauKau). BYOGear (we do have plenty of chairs, but recommend you bring your music gear) and of course BYAloha to share with everyone. Mahalo Nui Loa to Reverend Chip and Linda Lee for Hosting us once again at their beautiful facility. Welcome back Chip. We missed you and can’t wait to see your new Ukulele!

Btw, for those of you interested, we will holding a Kanikapila in Sonoma this Saturday at 3PM. Betty Ann and Craig have offered up their new 2000 square foot deck in their fabulous home in Sonoma as a site for the 1st ever Hula Mai Monthly Kanikapila. We’re hoping to hold it every 2nd Saturday of the month. But for this month only we well be holding it on the 1st Saturday, the 6th of September. Run time is from 3pm till whenever. It’s a Potluck so we ask that you bring some kind of Kau Kau to contribute. Please feel free to pass this onto anyone interested. Also since it will be at their private residence we’re asking that you observer the protocol list below:

UFOProtocolList-Sonoma Kanikapila-1

There will still be a Sleeping Lady Kanikapila run by Rick and crew. So if Sonoma’s a little out of reach for you please do drop by The Lady. Mahalo Nui Loa to Betty Ann and Craig for allowing us into their home.

I’ve been told that many of you haven’t been receiving my email alerts, almost all have been Comcast customers. What we’ve found is that Comcast is tagging my emails as SPAM. This is because of the size of my lists. You may need to check your Junk Mail for my emails and mark the them as “Not Junk”, aka un-SPAM them. This will ‘white list’ me and should allow my emails to pass. If you don’t find anything in your Junk Mail then you may need to contact Comcast Support (or your email provider) and have them whitelist my email which is . In the meantime keep checking back here to keep up on UFOhana happenings and events. I usually update it no later than Thursday afternoon so keep checking in. In fact, this is exactly why we do the blog, because of issues with Comcast’s SPAM filters and the like.

I want to remind everyone again of this worthy cause. Marisa and Charlotte have been working hard in planning and promoting the event. Registration closes September 10th. Register by or before. The price is now $45. Charlotte mentioned that the have room for 75 more participants. Please, help them out if you can . . .

Another fundraising event coming up this September 28th:


Click and Print the entry form below if you’re interested in competing . . .


Finally, here are the Photo Links to this past week’s events:

1. Birthday Luncheon for Charlotte and Del
2. Sleeping Lady Kanikapila
3. Elks Fancy Dinner Night

Light dancing through leaves,
Blissful sunlight warms her face,
A smile greats the day.

Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that made our Birthday Luncheon and our UFOhana so special!

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana,