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071618: Kanikapila Friday = Elks, Saturday = UFOHQ


Aloha Ahi Ahi Kakou,

We will be Kanikapila-ing at the Elks this Friday, in the Drakes Bar, at our usual time of 7pm-9:30pm-ish. I understand that Joe Tato will be whipping up his usual Ono-licious Dinner for sale to all interested. Menu is as follows; Spring Salad, Roasted Veggie, Saffron Rice Pilaf, Herb Pork Loin and a Dessert. As usual, BYOMusicStand and book lights, a little $$$ for DinDin and Libations from the Bar and of course that legendary UFOloha that you always seem to have extra to share with! Speaking of sharing click here for our Shared Friday Night Album.

Saturday we’ll be back at the UFOHQ for our usual afternoon delight Kanikapila, 2p-4p. BYOSnacks and a Cold Beverage (we’re hoping to have our new Fridge by then, but you never know). Mahalo to Will for making an Ice Run last week and help bring the Degrees down a notch. Mahalo to Carolyn for bringing that great Birthday Cake and Mahalo to Lois for having a Hauoli La Hanau! Click here for those happy images.

Btw, for those of you interested in attending the July 29th Napa Porchfest. We’re scheduled to perform from 3p – 5p on Lee and Miriam Hamiltons front . . . . wait for it . . . PORCH of course! Here’s  their address:

Lee and Miriam Hamilton
308 Franklin Street
Napa, CA 94559

Carolyn has graciously offered to take orders and pickup T-Shirts for the Porchfest on the 29th. If you’re interested, please get your orders in to Carolyn Pendry at ASAP (no later than July 25th) as they ran out last year!

Shirt Details:
$20 each, bring cash please!
Kane (guys) – Fruit of the Loom, med – 3X (true to size) all 100% cotton
Wahine (babes) fitted Sun Girl, cap sleeve, med – 2X (they run on the small side)

Carolyn mentioned that last year the food lines at the Trucks were EPICLY LONG! So we’re suggesting a BYPotLuck, the Hamilton’s has offered up their beautiful lush backyard a “Living Green Room” to the UFOhana. So please do consider participating in the BYPL and BYOB.

I’m setting up 3 pop up tents like last year to provide shade in their drive and a cool space for Hula dancers. You may want to BYOChairs as well as BYOMusicGear (Stands Wind Clips, etc.). We’ll be working from our UFOhana Gig Book this year, so bring ’em if you got ’em.

For more info, here’s a link to the Napa PF website :

We’re listed under POP (?), for music type. I guess we’ve moved up from “World” or “Other” or maybe they should have a “Da Kine” classification?

Mahalo Nui to the Hamiltons for inviting us back once again and to Carolyn for all coordinating she’s done to make this possible. I understand that Betty Ann will be bring a contingent of Hula Mai Dancers as well. Mahalo Betty Ann!

Ok, pau hana time . . . hope to see all this weekend sometime.

so we think we know,
yet forever forgetting,
the days of darkness.

Malama Pono Each Other Everyone!


071018: We’re at UFOHQ this Friday and Saturday


Aloha All,

We’re at the UFOHQ this Friday 7-10PM, BYPotLuck, BYMusicStands and BYSomeAloha to share (of course). We ask that everyone refrain from dining in the Living Room as we’re finding food stains in some weird places. You’re welcome to dine in the Kitchen and the Patio. Mahalo for helping us keep our home . . . a home.

Saturday we’ll be at UFOHQ again, this time 2-4PM, BYOB&S (Beverage & Snacks), Yada, yada . . . oh and don’t forget your Uke!

Please text (do not email) me at 4153007804 to RSVP seats for Friday and / or Saturday.

Below, images from last Friday . . .

Click above for online album

. . . and Saturday Kanikapila . . .

Click above for online album

Btw, just a heads up. We’ve been invited once again to this year’s Napa Valley PorchFest. Stay tuned for details and mahalo to Carolyn for helping arrange the gig.

ghostly melodies,
dance gracefully on the winds,
rhythm of nature.

Malama Pono All,


In time all these memories will be lost, like tears, in rain.


070218: Kanikapila, Friday=Campbell Hall, Saturday=UFOHQ


Aloha UFOhana,

I want to start off by expressing, on behalf of Nohea and I, our sincerest Mahalo Nui Loa to everyone who participated at this year’s Kanikapila at the Marin County Fair. Thanks to all of you and your great spirit of ‘Ohana and Aloha, I’m told, it was our best performance yet.

Ok, well that and maybe all the practice we put in the last few years every Friday and Saturday . . . and maybe Leslie’s Pink and Dolores’ Black Spike Boots, (click the image below to view the online photo album of the event) . . .

Are you ready boots? Sta-a-a-rt walking!

. . . and maybe these cool shirts that Brudda Will made for us helped a little . . .

Na Kane O Pu’uwai – The Men of Heart . . . Mahalo Brudda Will for custom shirts!

. . . actually, I think is was E) All Of The Above.

We came, we strummed, we shared Aloha!

So before all the Sunday excitement, we shared some fun times with our Sonoma Ohana . . .

Click above to access photo album.

. . . and Friday started the whole weekend  . . .

Click above for photo album.

Oh yeah, back to where we’ll be this weekend:

Friday we’re at the Campbell Hall 6:30pm to 9ish. BYPotluck, BYOMusicGear and more Aloha to share. We’re good for chairs. Mahalo Reverend Chip for your hospitality!

Saturday we’ll be at the UFOHQ back at our usual time of 2p -4p. BYOSnacks&Beverage and BYOMusicStand. Please text me (don’t email as I don’t always check emails on weekends) at 4153007804 to RSVP a seat for Saturday.

Ok, I think I’m running out of caffeine . . . hope to see you all this weekend sometime. Happy Fourth to us all!

cool winds from the west,
a soft moist veil of  moisture,
sun yields to the clouds.


Hey, have you seen my catnip?




062618: We’re at UFOHQ = Friday, Sonoma = Saturday, Sunday = County Fair!


Aloha UFOhana,

Ok, I know I left the blog here somewhere . . .

Another busy, but fun, weekend on the horizon for us. Beginning with our usual Friday Night Kanikapila at the UFOHQ. 7 – 10pm, BYPotLuck, BYMusicStands, BYAllForOne&StrumForAll Attitude. We’ll be “practicing” the songs for the County Fair, though it’s really nothing new for anyone.

Saturday is our monthly Kanikapila at the Sonoma Valley Women’s Club. See below for details . . .

THIS SUNDAY: July 1st,  we are at the County Fair! Woohooo! Again, we’re performing at the 3 Twins Solar Stage, 2 -2:45PM. Bring a music stand, your Ukulele, Sun Gear (it’s going to be a scorcher!), and stay HYDRATED! I will be providing Flight Manuals for both the Ukulele Pilots and the audience. Speaking of which, we can use some ‘Ukulele Plants/Ringers/Players’ out in the audience driving everyone into an writhing mass of Ukulele Frenzy! Or, just help pass out some Flight Manuals? Please come see me if you’re interested on Fair Day.

STAGE CALL TIME: Be sure to be at the Stage no later than 1:30PM. We’ve only got 45 minutes, which includes setup time, so I want everyone’s music stand all setup, and your Ukulele at the ready to maximize our PLAY/FLIGHT TIME. All cases and non-essential gear should be stowed in the overhead bins . . . uh, make that the back stage wall instead. I’m thinking we may have three rows, with space up front for Dancers. Space will be limited so please share your stand and Flight Manual with a co-pilot.  Please be kind to your vertically challenged co-pilots and allow them stand in front if you’re one of the vertically gifted. Please note, I’ve reserved the front row for our core band and our Keiki.

AS MARION SAID REMEMBER TO LOOK UP EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE AND MAKE CONTACT WITH AN AUDIENCE MEMBER or at least look like you’re having fun? Remember it may a single performance for us, but an eternity on YouTube, best to “Look Maavalouus!”

PARKING: As Marion explained at last week’s Friday Kanikapila, FREE parking for the Fair is available at 1600 Los Gamos Driven and a Round Trip Inter-island Shuttle service to the fair is available for only $2! See Map below, or you can take your chances in the parking lot around the Civic Center for $20.

. . . here’s one of the Shuttle Services below . . . NOT! It’s the new Gig Plane for UFOhana. . . NOT! It’s actually the 1st plane Nohea served on as a flight attendant . . . NOT! Well she did work for TWA . . . TRUE DAT!  Ah, bub-bye . . .

Btw, if you haven’t already, please remember to thank Marion for making this our 8th (?) year of performing at the Fair. It’s been one incredible FUN ride, Mahalo Nui Loa Marion!

bright lunar shadows,
silver orb challenges dark,
chasing forever.

Okidoki that’s about it for me . . . time for moemoe . . . yawn.

Aloha A Hui Hou,

You know, it’s almost 8. I don’t see any Kibbles around here, have you fed your cat yet?


062018: Friday Kanikapila at UFOHQ , No Saturday Kanikapila


Aloha All,

We’ll be at the UFOHQ this Friday at our usual time of 7p – 10p, BYKauKau (Pot Luck), BYOMusicStands, BYOB (You Know the Bev word), and BYAloha (of course). Text me at 4153007804 to RSVP.

Sorry, but NO Saturday Kanikapila this week . . . got work. But I am needing some help with putting together a small group to greet the new Deacon at Rev. Chips parish. We’ll be there from 4 to around 5pm this Sunday. Text me if you’d like to participate. Mahalo.

So as some of you are wondering . . . the answer is Yes, we have been invited to perform at the County Fair this year once again. Please thank Marion for making this possible. We are scheduled to perform July 1, 2pm – 2:45pm on the newly re-designed 3 Twins Stage. Please email me ASAP at if you will participating. Tickets are limited.

See pictures below the new stage:

Marion and Crew has “Feng Shui’d” the stage by adding extra audience space, re-oriented the stage to face east, allowing for more wind flow and positioned the backstage entry for easy access. Looks a perfect Hangar for incoming Ukulele Pilots! I know Amelia would approve.

Also, they’ve opened up the 1600 Los Gamos Drive parking lot for and provided a shuttle for $2 (round trip)  Fair Go-ers. Click below for map of 1600 . . .

Very Cool! Mahalo Marion!

Sure beats walking . . .

. . . or not . . .

image of distress,
memories of a dark past,
what have we become?

Malama Pono Ka Kou,

Hey! Watch that hand back there!


061318: We’re at the Elks this Friday and UFOHQ Saturday


Aloha Ahi Ahi Kakou,

♦FRIDAY MENU UPDATE: Island Style Dinner for $15♦

We’re at the San Rafael Elks Lodge this Friday 7p -9pm-ish. Dinner is usually served at 6:30pm-ish. As usual, we’ll be playing in the Drakes Bar. Mahalo Nui to the Elks for adjusting our Kanikapila date, to Mike for opening the bar to us and congratulations to the Warriors! Maika’i!

Click below for last Friday Night images:

Saturday we’ll be strumming at the UFOHQ, 2p-4p. BYOB&S (Beverages and Snacks) if you want. Text me at 4153007804 if you need to RSVP a seat and/or need directions to the UFOHQ.

A sincere Mahalo Nui Loa to the Ukulele Pilots who braved the crowds and traffic to participate in the Fairfax Fair this last Saturday. It was such an honor and pleasure to play with you all. Btw, if anybody has photos they’re willing to share of that day please send it my way.

♦Special Kanikapila Alert♦

Our Bass Commander, Sandy, is sending out an invitation to all UFOhana Pilots interested in participating in an Island Theme Kanikapila for the Kupuna (our elders) at the Corte Madera Aegis House on June 19th, 4p – 5p. Bring your Gig Book and Music Gear, you know Stands, wind clamps, Ukulele?

and all that we know,
and all that we remember,
and that’s all there is.

Aloha A Hui Hou,

Jake in a Bubble



060518: We’re at UFOHQ this Friday and Fairfax on Saturday


Aloha Ahi Ahi UFOhana,

We’ve had a change in venue this Friday due to the Big Game. We’ll be gathering at the UFOHQ instead of the Elks Lodge. RSVP via text at 4153007804 if you need a chair. Usual run time of 7p-10p, BYPotluck, BYGear(Music Stands) and any extra Aloha you might have at the end of week to spread around.

We’ll be back at the Elks next week Friday the 15th. Mahalo nui to the Elks for allowing us to switch dates.

Click here for images from last Friday’s Kanikapila at Campbell hall. Mahalo Reverend Chip for hosting us once again. Hope all is well with you and your ‘Ohana.

Saturday we will be performing at the 41st Annual Fairfax Fair (& Ecofest), Redwood Stage, 12p – 1:15p. Please be there no later than 11:30a, bring water, sunscreen, a chair, music stands, wind clips, our UFOhana GigBook and be prepared to stand off stage.  See below for Fair details . . .

Click map above for larger image

For those of you who missed it, click here for images from last Saturday’s Kanikapila and for you Levee Walk fans click the dancing grasses below for new images . . .

wait impatiently,
when it comes we wish it gone,
the thing we call time . . .

Aloha A Hui Hou!


Hey baby, need a date?


053018: 1st Friday = Campbell Hall, Saturday = UFOHQ


Aloooooha UFOhaaaana!

Can you believe it? We’re already in June! Which means we’ll be congregating at the Campbell Hall in Sausalito, 6:30pm to 9:ish. BYPotLuck, BYOMusicStand&BookLights, and remember, don’t Bb C#! Sorry about that too much coffee tonight. As always, Mahalo Nui to Reverend Chip and his Congregation for their hospitality and welcoming Aloha spirit. We’re so blessed to have an ‘Ohana in Sausalito!

Click here for last week Friday’s images . . .

This Saturday we’re gathering at the UFOHQ. 2-4pm. BYOB&S (Bevs and Snackees if you need). Please RSVP a seat via Text to 4153007804 if you will be attending.

Last week Saturday was Sonoma Valley Women’s Club Kanikapila. What a great time that was! Mahalo to Linda and Craig photographing the event. Click here to view those images. Mahalo to all UFOhana Pilots that attended and shared their Aloha with our Sonoma ‘Ohana!

Btw, next week Saturday, June 9th, in lieu of Saturday Kanikapila, we’ve been asked performing at the Fairfax Fair, Redwood Stage 12pm-1:15pm. BYOGear, BYOGigBook, BYOSunProtection, BYOChair (as we won’t all fit on that little stage), BYAlohaNuiLoa to share with the Fairfaxians. I should have a set list prior to the event . . . should have . . . Traffic and parking is always a challenge so plan accordingly. Be there no later than 11:30am.

For those of you interested, click here for Where’s Linda Walking Tonight images. Kwak! Kwak! Honk!

a lone sentinel,
balancing against the wind,
a twig his castle.

Aloha A Hui Hou!



052218: Kanikapila Locations for Friday = UFOHQ for Saturday = SVWC


Aloha UFOhana,

Just a quick one before I dash off . . .

We’ll be at the UFOHQ this Friday, 7p-10p, BYPotLuck, BYOMusicStands and BYEA (Extra Aloha). Mahalo to all that attended last Friday, images here, and shared all that wonderful food and UFOhana Kine Aloha. If you need a seat this Friday, please RSVP by texting me at 4153007804. Mahalo.

Saturday we’ll be with our Sonoma ‘Ohana at the Sonoma Valley Woman’s Club. 2p-4p, BYOGear (chairs provided) and BYO$5.00 to donate to the Woman’s Club. Mahalo to Betty Ann, Hula Mai and The SVWC for hosting us once again. Click here for last Saturday’s Kanikapila. Mahalo to Pauline and Nohea for providing the Royals Accoutrement.

Btw, we’ve been invited to perform at the Fairfax Fair, June 9th, 12p-1:15. BYOGear, BYOSunScreen, BYOGigBook. More to come!

Lives interconnect,
A ripple in still waters,
Hearts beating in time.

-=SqL+The Duchess of Santa Venetia+Jake=-


051318: It’s UFOHQ Kanikapila Week!


Aloha Everyone,

It’s that time of the month All! We’ll be congregating at the UFOHQ this Friday (7p-10p), BYPL (Pot Luck), BYOMusicStands, BYAloha as always. Mahalo to Joe and the Elk-ders for hosting us last Friday and for that delicious Dinner!

Saturday we’ll be at the UFOHQ again, 2-4pm, BYOB&Snacks and any left over Aloha you might have from Friday.

From Nohea and myself, Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that attends our Kanikapilas and share all your Aloha with us and your ‘Ohana. We are so blessed. By the way, please text me at 4153007804 to RSVP a seat.

Click the collage below for Friday Images. Mahalo to Steve and Linda for the great photos!

Saturday we celebrated 3 Birthdays, Pauline, Marion and Ralph! Mahalo to Sandy for providing that delicious cake! I know Adin loved it, there’s a photo online of him doing quadruple strums after eating “some”!

Ukulele Player by day . . . Pilipino Gardner by . . . so here I am all suited up to trim the lawn/weeds, only thing missing was my white hazmat bunny suit!

Del with his “Mow Joe” electric mower…
Did you get my good side?

endless horizons,
memories drift in the winds,
leaves dance to a song.

Have a great week everyone!

Aloha A Hui Hou,


Ok Everybody! This way to the litter box!