071618: Kanikapila Friday = Elks, Saturday = UFOHQ


Aloha Ahi Ahi Kakou,

We will be Kanikapila-ing at the Elks this Friday, in the Drakes Bar, at our usual time of 7pm-9:30pm-ish. I understand that Joe Tato will be whipping up his usual Ono-licious Dinner for sale to all interested. Menu is as follows; Spring Salad, Roasted Veggie, Saffron Rice Pilaf, Herb Pork Loin and a Dessert. As usual, BYOMusicStand and book lights, a little $$$ for DinDin and Libations from the Bar and of course that legendary UFOloha that you always seem to have extra to share with! Speaking of sharing click here for our Shared Friday Night Album.

Saturday we’ll be back at the UFOHQ for our usual afternoon delight Kanikapila, 2p-4p. BYOSnacks and a Cold Beverage (we’re hoping to have our new Fridge by then, but you never know). Mahalo to Will for making an Ice Run last week and help bring the Degrees down a notch. Mahalo to Carolyn for bringing that great Birthday Cake and Mahalo to Lois for having a Hauoli La Hanau! Click here for those happy images.

Btw, for those of you interested in attending the July 29th Napa Porchfest. We’re scheduled to perform from 3p – 5p on Lee and Miriam Hamiltons front . . . . wait for it . . . PORCH of course! Here’s  their address:

Lee and Miriam Hamilton
308 Franklin Street
Napa, CA 94559

Carolyn has graciously offered to take orders and pickup T-Shirts for the Porchfest on the 29th. If you’re interested, please get your orders in to Carolyn Pendry at pendry@me.com ASAP (no later than July 25th) as they ran out last year!

Shirt Details:
$20 each, bring cash please!
Kane (guys) – Fruit of the Loom, med – 3X (true to size) all 100% cotton
Wahine (babes) fitted Sun Girl, cap sleeve, med – 2X (they run on the small side)

Carolyn mentioned that last year the food lines at the Trucks were EPICLY LONG! So we’re suggesting a BYPotLuck, the Hamilton’s has offered up their beautiful lush backyard a “Living Green Room” to the UFOhana. So please do consider participating in the BYPL and BYOB.

I’m setting up 3 pop up tents like last year to provide shade in their drive and a cool space for Hula dancers. You may want to BYOChairs as well as BYOMusicGear (Stands Wind Clips, etc.). We’ll be working from our UFOhana Gig Book this year, so bring ’em if you got ’em.

For more info, here’s a link to the Napa PF website :


We’re listed under POP (?), for music type. I guess we’ve moved up from “World” or “Other” or maybe they should have a “Da Kine” classification?

Mahalo Nui to the Hamiltons for inviting us back once again and to Carolyn for all coordinating she’s done to make this possible. I understand that Betty Ann will be bring a contingent of Hula Mai Dancers as well. Mahalo Betty Ann!

Ok, pau hana time . . . hope to see all this weekend sometime.

so we think we know,
yet forever forgetting,
the days of darkness.

Malama Pono Each Other Everyone!


071018: We’re at UFOHQ this Friday and Saturday


Aloha All,

We’re at the UFOHQ this Friday 7-10PM, BYPotLuck, BYMusicStands and BYSomeAloha to share (of course). We ask that everyone refrain from dining in the Living Room as we’re finding food stains in some weird places. You’re welcome to dine in the Kitchen and the Patio. Mahalo for helping us keep our home . . . a home.

Saturday we’ll be at UFOHQ again, this time 2-4PM, BYOB&S (Beverage & Snacks), Yada, yada . . . oh and don’t forget your Uke!

Please text (do not email) me at 4153007804 to RSVP seats for Friday and / or Saturday.

Below, images from last Friday . . .

Click above for online album

. . . and Saturday Kanikapila . . .

Click above for online album

Btw, just a heads up. We’ve been invited once again to this year’s Napa Valley PorchFest. Stay tuned for details and mahalo to Carolyn for helping arrange the gig.

ghostly melodies,
dance gracefully on the winds,
rhythm of nature.

Malama Pono All,


In time all these memories will be lost, like tears, in rain.


070218: Kanikapila, Friday=Campbell Hall, Saturday=UFOHQ


Aloha UFOhana,

I want to start off by expressing, on behalf of Nohea and I, our sincerest Mahalo Nui Loa to everyone who participated at this year’s Kanikapila at the Marin County Fair. Thanks to all of you and your great spirit of ‘Ohana and Aloha, I’m told, it was our best performance yet.

Ok, well that and maybe all the practice we put in the last few years every Friday and Saturday . . . and maybe Leslie’s Pink and Dolores’ Black Spike Boots, (click the image below to view the online photo album of the event) . . .

Are you ready boots? Sta-a-a-rt walking!

. . . and maybe these cool shirts that Brudda Will made for us helped a little . . .

Na Kane O Pu’uwai – The Men of Heart . . . Mahalo Brudda Will for custom shirts!

. . . actually, I think is was E) All Of The Above.

We came, we strummed, we shared Aloha!

So before all the Sunday excitement, we shared some fun times with our Sonoma Ohana . . .

Click above to access photo album.

. . . and Friday started the whole weekend  . . .

Click above for photo album.

Oh yeah, back to where we’ll be this weekend:

Friday we’re at the Campbell Hall 6:30pm to 9ish. BYPotluck, BYOMusicGear and more Aloha to share. We’re good for chairs. Mahalo Reverend Chip for your hospitality!

Saturday we’ll be at the UFOHQ back at our usual time of 2p -4p. BYOSnacks&Beverage and BYOMusicStand. Please text me (don’t email as I don’t always check emails on weekends) at 4153007804 to RSVP a seat for Saturday.

Ok, I think I’m running out of caffeine . . . hope to see you all this weekend sometime. Happy Fourth to us all!

cool winds from the west,
a soft moist veil of  moisture,
sun yields to the clouds.


Hey, have you seen my catnip?