060117: We’re at Campbell Hall this Friday!


Aloha All,

Sorry for the late post, having another one of those weeks.  We’re meeting at the Campbell Hall this Friday. Mahalo Nui to Reverend Chip for open his doors once again to the UFOhana and for keeping Ukulele Mele alive in Sausalito! Run time 6:30-9:00ish, BYPotLuck (thanks for all the great healthy food from last time!), BYOGear, BYOBeverages and BYAloha (of course!).

NO SATURDAY KANIKAPILA! The Bass Commander and I have to pay our respects to one of our old friends . . . we’ll see you folks next week. Be good now and Strum On!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you all with these images from Friday, Saturday and Today.

Btw, there are a few dates that we need to put out there . . .

June 9th, we’re playing at the Elks as usual, but we’ll be out at the Terrace providing the Entertainment for the following event . . .

July 2nd, 2-2:45 PM we’re performing at the County Fair!


July 30th,  Time to Be Announced, we’re Kanikapila-ing at the Napa Valley Porch Fest . . .

Click image above for details

August 5, 10am – 12pm we’ve been invited to Kanikapila at . . .

Linda will also have a booth with her Hana Hou goods on sale!

Sept. 16, 3p-5p We have been invited to Kanikapila at the ….

Click above for link to the Event

Ok, I think I’ve covered most of the major events. Whew! What a great line up! Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anything . . . As some of you may have noticed there was no mention of Hele On Ukulele! Event. Stay tuned for more, we have something in the works for the fall/winter!

On a final note . . . check out the plates on this ride!

Yeah, yeah, Ukulele is spelt wrong, but that was already taken! With A Ride like this I’d never be late for a Gig!

counting time in days.
then in minutes, in seconds,
return to the light.

Aloha A Hui Hou,

“Uh, Jake’s on vacation, I’m filling in . . .”


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